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throat bighting...

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JINX (my 2nd cat in the house) age 3, thinks he is the boss, he has always jumped in our 9 year olds back and chased her when she comes in. Ive always put it down to him thinking he was 1st in because Rox (the 9yo) is mostly outside and I didnt think I introduced them quick enough.
so Jinx cant be left alone because if his emotional issues early in life. Fast forward to our 3rd rescue, Bella (2 years old)...Jinx constantly tackled Bella and bit her throat!! Fast forward to the 4th live in rescue, Lola (9months) and Jinx has now moved to her, leaving the older girls alone (for the most part). Now Lola is a good street fighter and gives it back to jinx by throat bighting and Lola does it to Bella now also..she bights on the back on the neck too.
I break it up but its frustrating for all.

a vet told me once to get rid of Jinx because he was trying to kill Bella and Bella is NOT a fighter so she is at risk. :/ I could not give up a baby. Can anyone tell me why he has not grown out of this and why him and Lola are such bullies to the 2 girls?
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My I is close to O and my phone buttons are tiny..sorry all. :/
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I'm not to clued up on inter cat aggression but I think your vets assumption that Jinx is trying to KILL Bella without seeing the situation first hand is a bit high handed of him. Likely hood is that because he is a tom and I'm gathering the only tom he see's himself as boss man of your ladies. Even if your oldest girl has been there longer. He's simply asserting his place as dominant and as you have described it I think your Lola could also be asserting her dominance over your older girls. Let them work out their pecking order as long as they aren't causing serious harm to one another and if someone tries to cause to much damage give them a time out. There are a few articles here on TCS that may well help you I'll see if I can get some links up.


This one was the only one I could find at the moment I will add more links as I find them.

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Ok thanks!! Hopefully when Lola is older the order will all be sorted. Rox can go outside and have a break but my 3 are indoor and Bella is a shy little princess and I feel bad for her. I do the time outs and squirty bottle but it never ends. They do get rough to the point 1 screams out in pain (usually Bella) and it scares me.
The link was good..ill try not to yell and squirt when fighting.
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