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Monday Daily Thread

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Okay, today is definitely monday - I know because I have a volleyball game
Woke up with a crick in my neck and a headache because I slept in one position all night, after Kahu decided that it was safe to sleep on my chest. Awwwwwwww Hes getting more and more affectionate now.

Going to the gym this arvo, I have a gym buddy now and she officially begins today!

Have a great day you all!
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Quiet day at home for the kids and I. They have the day off from school, so we're planning to play outside later if the weather (and my leg) permits. Then my little boy has skating lessons a little later. He's taking figure skating this year to prep him for hockey next year. He wants to be an NHL player he says

I'm able to walk almost normally now- got a slight limp, and can only stay up for an hour or so before I have to rest, but its a major improvment. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever start to feel better for a while there.

Well, it seems Onyx has a new hobby. We've nicknamed him 'Killer' because hes gone on a murderous rampage in the last week I've been letting him go outside when I'm home to check up on him (He never leaves the yard) and three days in a row hes brought home dead Bluejays. Its all started with the hamster, and I think I saw him with a mouse in his mouth a little while ago by the back steps. Eww He likes to bring his kills in the back porch to show me before he munches them . I always do a 'mouth check' before I let him in (he catches the teeniest mice sometimes) and tell him hes a good boy if he has anything.

Is it a good idea to give him a preventative worm pill since hes killing all these things? Theres no sign of worms at all, but I don't really want to wait until there is.
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Today is my first day of training, so I'm excited about that today. I'm not excited that it's Monday though. Why can't the weeks be flipped around? Instead of having 2 days off for the weekend, we should only work 2 days & have 5 off. Sounds good to anyone else?

Kellye, hope your neck feel better soon! And good luck with the game!

Happy Monday everyone!
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Started my last week of work at this job before I start the supervisor job next week. I have no motivation to work this week, but I do have files I have to clear off my desk! Had a very quiet weekend, except for about 200 trick or treaters. Both John and I were fighting of a nasty bug. i feel a little better today. My sister can't wait to Friday - she wants the baby out now. Her c-section is sceduled for Friday morning. I will go visit her on Saturday and see my new niece. I hope everyone has a nice day!

Kellye - hopeful your workout at the gym will loosen your neck
Shell good luck with training!

Melissa - don't over do it with your leg.

I am hooked on the panda cam!
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That kinked neck thing must be going around. Mine's been knotted, since Friday. Between the Ben-Gay, ibuprofen and a hot pack, its easing a bit. Hopefully, the new pillow will help, too.

Rowdy and Buddy are hyped, this morning. They were keeping me company, in the bathroom and decided to wrestle under my feet. I explained to them that, if they trip Mommy and she breaks something, they'll have to wait a lot longer for their breakfast, because I'll be in the ER. Didn't make much of an impression.

I think that Pearl is becoming a grown-up doggie. For the past few nights, she has been putting herself to bed. As soon as I turn off the TV, she dives into her crate and peers out at me, as if to say, "OK, Mommy. Close the door, so that I can go to sleep."

Work will probably be busy, today. Being the first of the month, we'll be taking a lot of payments, over the phone. WHY do people wait until the last minute, to make their car payments? I make mine, about two weeks early.

Speaking of cars, Bill has been talking about how much he likes the Dodge Dakota but, doesn't think that he can afford it. I did some calculating, on the website and, with my employee discount and rebates, we can do it next year. If we wait until the end of the model year, the dealers will need to move out the rest of the 2004s and they offer up to an extra $7500 off. I'm going to do the same thing and buy a Sebring. Grandma needs something sportier!
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My morning so far was spent
looking for gloves and a
toy that starts with the
letter M for my Son Ashton
(todays his sharing day)but
he's at school now so...

Now I'm relaxing at the comp
checking my E-mails and reading
new threads here.

I've got some cleaning
around the house to keep
me busy the rest of the day
off and on.
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Is it just me or is it really quiet here today?
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No neck problems to report Got up early to worry about work (am I a nut or what ?). Just came back from the vet with Lucky who has some weird skin growths poor baby (subject of another post). Now I'm just about to head into the office and see what insane stuff is going on there today...have fun out there everyone
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Melissa, I don't know if you can or should or if it's best to give your kitty 'tiger' a pill, but I do know, that sooner or later he'll develop worms from eating the birds, mice, etc. And according to the docs, when they start eating those things, that's when the pregnant moms can't change the litter box because of whatever is in the cat's system. May want to check with your vet or if someone here knows, advise here. I was going to envy your kitty for at least killing them, mine just tortures the heck out of them, not sure how to kill them quickly enough but he doesn't eat them like yours does

Okay I'm on a major cheeseburger all started yesterday, thus far anything else I eat, my stomach is not satisfied and I get major indigestion and now I have no desire whatsoever to eat rice or anything else but cheeseburgers. But I didn't want to go out and buy one from a fastfood because recently we have had a wave of news station rating restaurants and the ones that I thought or perceived to be clean weren't so that made me pretty squimish to even eat you don't know what's in the foods, turns out the 'enzyme' that's listed on breads or cheese, majority of the time comes from the pigs stomach unless it specifically says it's a vegetable enzyme. Then I thought okay let me just fix my own, but this time I didn't mix the spices. Before hand, I would mix the spices and my burgers would be dry and turn out not so tasty. So I did a search on FoodNetwork website and saw that majority of them don't mix the spices, but sprinkle the stuff on top while the burger is on the grill. And it worked!!!! I made the tastiest cheeseburgers last night and this morning!!! The meat was nice tasting and tender!!!! I bought a soycheddar cheese and it actually tasted really really good!!!! And some buns that has the vegetable enzyme. thus far my tummy is full and no I'll be eating burgers until I get sick of eating them Pregnancy thing is fun sometimes when it comes to food
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Normal day off to school today.

Going to Nanas this afternoon to watch the Melbourne Cup
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Is Melbourne cup soccer (football) or rugby?
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Major computer probs at work. he only thing that is working is the internet - e-mail has been down since mid morning and the rest of the systems just followed!
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I have been fighting a head cold and playing with my new
baby kitty Alley...her and patches were playing this morning
it was SO cute!

Hope everyone has a great day
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It's a very dreary and rainy Monday here so I don't feel like doing anything.

Just hanging out with the kitties!

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Add me to the crick in your neck club! I've had one pretty much for the last 3 months. I know it's stress and not sleeping well. <sigh> And I only slept about 3 hours last night all together.

I've been busy today with the negotiations between myself, my attorney and Wal-Mart's insurance company. I'm so relieved that they've taken responsiblity finally, after almost 4 months! I'll finally be getting my car back! It might take 1-2 more weeks but at least I know it will get done.
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Ady - the Melbourne Cup is the horse racing. Its always aroudn this time of the year and people get all dressed up with hats.

Today I went to the gym and I was told I won a months worth of free personal training that costs $300!!!! Must be my lucky day!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Ady - the Melbourne Cup is the horse racing. Its always aroudn this time of the year and people get all dressed up with hats.

Today I went to the gym and I was told I won a months worth of free personal training that costs $300!!!! Must be my lucky day!
How exciting! I hope that you get alot out of it!
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It is hometime but I can't stop watching the panda cam! They are more active now then they have been all day!
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On my third burger minus the cheese
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I went to Home Depot today and finally found a traverse rod big enough to fit that window where I'm putting the new curtains! Sheesh! It's taken me long enough to find it and I don't know why I didn't go there in the first place!

Also got some stuff to winterize my huge, heat sucking windows. So guess what I'm doing tonight and tomorrow?

We've had so much snow here the last 4 or 5 days and along with that comes power outages. I swear everything in Utah is from way back in Brigham Young's time! Anyway, it was cheaper to buy a new flashlight then to buy the darn 6V battery for it. Go figure!
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Well, now this monday is over - a long time ago actually, I should be in bed allready

The good thing today is that I now have 2 big boxes of kitty litter (about 22 pounds each) that should last some time! So now there will be now more peeing in the shower!

I went to class today, and it was strangely interresting!
I also went to another class in the course I am taking about dyslexic. That one really is interrestin, and gives me hope of a lot of things

I tried one more time to reach the 4 ladied that were gonna host a Tupperware party this week, and it looks like they´we gone to the moon and the week has started allready, and I was gonna sell so much this week, since there are a lot of extra gifts for me if I sell a lot this week. I guess I wont have them

Monday nights are Alien nights, I love Alien, allthough there always comes the time in the ep, where I find the tension to much, and just cannot watch more...but I cant miss a second of it still...

I exchanged the outdoor overall for my son, and told the lady in the store that I would be back tomorrow to change it again, and she looked at me totally puzzled and asked WHY???
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Originally posted by adymarie
Major computer probs at work. he only thing that is working is the internet - e-mail has been down since mid morning and the rest of the systems just followed!
We had comp problems, too. My password expired and I had to change it, in the mainframe. THAT worked but, I couldn't log into the Windows system. I kept getting "invalid password". It turned out to be a system problem and I wasn't the only one. It finally let me in, at 11:00. One of my coworkers got kicked out of all of the systems, right in the middle of a call.

A bunch of our lease accounts are glitched - we can't access them, at all and the website has been down, for a week. I wish those Halloween gremlins would get out of our computers!
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