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Sunday Night Owl Thread-

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It is raining and storming now. Kenai is cowering in the shower, she hates thunder. We have pills to put her on, but they make her drool, so instead I just put her kong and her bed in the shower and let her hide out.

Uncle Fester called tonight, Zoey is a bit listless and he is not sure why. I told him to watch her closely and take her to the vet on Monday if she isn't better. She just had a nice long rest with him at home as he convalesced from surgery and the two persians may have just worn her out playing with her. He said to say hello to everyone. I am working on his latest article, as with the others, this one is pretty funny.

Hope everyone is safe and happy tonight!
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i wouldn't necessarily say that i'm happy tonight...although having a kitty sitting on my lap who started off disliking any sort of contact helps i'm sitting here watching her knead biscuits in my arms and marveling at her little claws, and amazed at how nature created them to be. LOL...yes, i love my kitties.

not too much going on, trying to prepare myself to write a rebuttal (that word just doesn't look right to me!) to my in-laws' nasty email that they sent me thursday night. they got together and then wrote me a very critical, judgemental, and unsolicited email. now that i've talked to Chris and gotten his OK, i'm finally able to comment on what they had to say, and now i have to think of the best way to say it without being mean, but not being a pushover either. i'm very sick of having my in-laws treat me like i'm a child when i am a 21 year old WOMAN. i know that in the past 40 years, adolescence has been extending to cover into the early 20's and older and older adults have been being referred to as kids or children (i get so sick when i hear a 25 year old referred to as a kid), but i am not one of them that should be lumped into that category and i've had enough of letting things slide. my parents didn't raise me to be irresponsible or selfish. (my MIL gave DH and me an infamous speach 3 months before we got married telling us that since we were 20, these should be our "ME ME ME" years...BAH! she also prattled on about finding who we are as people, but i had done most of mine between the ages of 13-15...i already know who i am and what i stand for, as well as what i want out of life. by that age, most people thought i was old enough to be in Grad School, and i've never been accused of being immature.)my age does not dictate who i am or what i'm about. it is merely a marker of when i was born. my in-laws have never taken the time to get to know me very well, and all attempts in the past have been disasters; so wish me luck! i'm going to need it tonight and possibly tomorrow and write, rewrite, and possibly rewrite again! SIGH...someone here remind me of why people 2-3 times my age can't behave like civil adults?!
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Well its only 9:30pm here but its also raining. I hope Prego will come sleep on her chair instead of out in the rain.

I am going to make chocolate chip cookies right now
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I have a terrible head cold tonight,im just waiting til
the Comtrex kicks in then im off to bed
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Yep raining too. Just watching Doctor Zhivago on the tube though and feeling
cozy. My little girl kitty is running around the house like mad!
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Hey Guys.

Just got back from the restuarant "Cob and Co". It's my fave place, But tonight I was very dissapointed. We ordered our drinks,entres and mains. We got our drinks and entres quick but it was nearly an hour for our main, and there was about 3 tables including us there. grrr.

We got our food, Tom had ordered a steak with eggs, no eggs, we had to ask for them and they said they would give them to us free but no it was all in the final cost.

I ordered a Pork roast, the pork was pretty good, to criticise probably a little dry, but one of my potatoes was GREEN@! Ew! and my courgettes were a funny color.

Mum ordered a chicken burger and the chicken was burnt.

And Kelly orederd Smoke Chicken Lasgane and CHIPS! but she got salad with it... Grr!

So we were not all that impressed and I noticed all the people who served us, were trainees, I bet that has something to do with it, no offence.

Yeah. So I hope everyone is having a better evening than me

Hugs Sam.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Well its only 9:30pm here but its also raining. I hope Prego will come sleep on her chair instead of out in the rain.

I am going to make chocolate chip cookies right now
Hey Sicy you could send me some of those chocolate chip cookies!

I went to bed and slept for about 1 1/2 hour and am not up. This is my story lately. <sigh> Oh well.
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YA-AA-AWN...2:55AM and i finally finished the first draft of all 30K of my rebuttal. now to go to sleep and bounce it off of my mother in the morning to see what she thinks... she can find offense in anything and if she feels anything is out of line, she'll let me know. if it gets the thumbs up, i'll send it on it's merry way!

i'm so sorry that you had those problems, Mary Anne....oh, it got removed...LOL...oh well, you know what i'm referring to.

In-laws can be such a pain sometimes!
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Originally posted by RaggieMom
In-laws can be such a pain sometimes! [/b]
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only the ones when they're breathing
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