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OK--Hissy, What is "GSE"???

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I saw where you posted on Momofmany's thread about the coccidia. Spike has diarrhea, and I AM getting him in this week to the new Vet's. He did test negative for parasitess, but I am quite certain the stool was not tested for bacterial... So, I am going to run in another stool sample and ask them to check for a bacterial stool infection. But what is GSE??? Should I ask them for that if it DOES show up as a GI bacterial infection? I am also going to have them run bloodwork on him, as his old Vet never did run any at all on him. He'd just guess what was wrong, put them on an antibiotic, and hope it worked. NOT a good plan!!! Until this past month, both Spike and Missy were (or SEEMED!) to be very healhty and happy. Both had good appetites, no diarrhea, no constipation, no "issues" that made me think...HMMMMM.... BUT this past month has been HORRIBLE--and a HUGE amount of money being spent at the old Vet's --and then moving on to the new Vet's!! But I just want to see both my babies feel better SOON!! --Oh, Missy IS feeling a LOT better since I brought her to the new Vet's (and that was because of all the great posts here, about that I NEEDED to get to a new Vet SOON!! --So, I did!! ) And she has her appetite back, and has energy again, and is back to her old self again (not exactly sweet--as she has always been, well, a bit stand-offish, unless SHE wants to cuddle!!! SO like a kitty!!! haha )
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Thanks for asking the question!!! I've been researching diarrhea in kittens (believe it or not I've never had this problem before) and have found some interesting readings on the internet (always validate the source). Apparently it's a difficult thing to isolate sometimes. You can test for worms, but coccidia and giardia are sometimes hard to isolate. Some of the suggestions that I've seen are a low fat diet (SC w/d), small doses of plain yogurt before meals to restore their bacterial levels, immodium, etc. If you do a google search on "coccidia in cats", you will come up with a lot of sites with information on general diarrhea problems.

Yep, in my senior moment I can't place GSE either.
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It's Grapefruit Seed Extract. If you do a search on TCS, you'll see lots of threads about it. Also, you can do a search on google & you'll see where you can order it. I haven't ever tried it, but Hissy SWEARS by the stuff!

Good luck & hope that this helps you guys!
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Oh gosh!! THANKS to you both!!! (And to Hissy, although she hasn't seen my post yet, I don't believe!! )

I am going to do a search RIGHT now!!!! I just want my little Spikey to feel better --and SOON!!!
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I generally am a straightforward conventional medicine type animal owner, but this natural blend has made a convert of me. I do not recommend that you use it in leui of seeing a vet, because I am not a vet. I just know that in my life, and in my animal's life this stuff has come through for me time and time again. Healed my horse, keeps my cats from getting URI and keeps bacteria (harmful) at bay in their guts.

Again, it is not to be used instead of seeing a vet, because diarrhea can be caused by so many different things, but it can be used along with conventional medicines.
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I'm game.....I just ordered some!
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