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I thought Daisey had escaped the other week from the appartment lol..I couldn't find her anywere for like 30 mins...calling her name and was about to venture outside....when I noticed her on the kitchen work-top hiding behind the coffee machine...she was sulking cause I shouted at her for bitting me lol....she forgave me when she got a cuddle and some treats lol

you should be able to make her out in this photo!!
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What a scare! Thank God you found her! Those crazy kitties can hide in the weirdest places! I thought Tiki had escaped 2 weeks ago & I found her stuck behind the toilet!
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They are so good at hiding in plain sight!
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Glad you found here, they are good at doing
stuff like that lol

I found Pandora today when i'd been looking everywhere
for her, she'd been hiding on the side of the T.V. and
just decided not to come when I called lol
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They always end up in the places we least suspect!
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Cute pic!!!
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hehe they are mishieve little things...it's true though..they are sitting sometimes in plain sight of you and you still walk past them....in our spare bedroom is were I keep all my cuddly toys and again...I couldn't find Daisey....calling her name and wondering just were she was hiding this time...and I didn't even notice her sitting right bang in the middle of the cuddly toys...she blended in so well as most of the toys are cats lol....should have gotten a photo of that one!!
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What a cute pic! Lucky she wasn't lost!
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What a little sneak, and probably snickering away as you were having that heart attack looking for her!
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I just noticed this picture now...looks like there are a few kitchen kitties out there! Cindy W.
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Originally posted by superkitty
What a little sneak, and probably snickering away as you were having that heart attack looking for her!
Snickering, to be sure! "I'll teach you to talk to me like that, dumb human!"
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I can't stand it when they do that! I just know they are putting one over me and in a way they are right!
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lol I bet she probably was just sitting there watching me pacing about frantic and calling her name....snickering at me....'you dumb human...I'm right under your nose and you can't even see me!

I firmly believe that I DON'T OWN either Daisey or Blossom....THAT THEY 'OWN' ME hehehehe
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