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Our new kitty!!

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Here is a couple of pics of our new kitty Chloe, she is a 5 month old tortie. She has just gotten over a bout of Calici Virus along with other kitty Junior. Poor things, about 3 days after bringing home Chloe they both came down with symptoms of the virus. They are both doing really good, except for us still having to syringe feed them their medicine and food. They are quite a handful running around the house beating up on each other and usually while we are sleeping.
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Cute kitty. The pictures are a little big though.
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ahhhhhhh Chloe is just gorgeous....such a cutie...that little face
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I can't get my image resizer working. would it be too much to ask if someone can resize them for me? I would really appreciate it thanks.
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Here ya go!
You might want to delete the other pic's on your first post so it won't be so hard for the dial up people.
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Second one...
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And last one...
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What a pretty baby Those first pictures scared me a little bit though they were so big
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Thanks a lot Shell. i don't know why my imaging program isn't working. thanks for all the great comments (about the kitty not the big pics LOL!! )
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awwwww....what a cutie!!!
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Awww sweet baby!
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Aww what a little
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awww what a sweetie!!
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Cute baby!
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She's a sweetie! Her coloring is the same as a cat my Grandma used to have. I like the dark Torties!
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She is adorable! I love torti's - my Pepperpot is one!
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Oh, she is just precious!
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What a cutie, and she has such a sweet expression!
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