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Coccidia Insights anyone?

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My 3 fosters have had treatment for coccidia since they were brought in my house 5 weeks ago. Last Friday, they were all speutered and they did a fecal exam at the time. They were negative for coccidia. They still have diarrhea, which has been on and off since I brought them in. The vet has switched their food (away from SC Kitten Formula) to see if that was too rich for their systems. Since they have been on it for 5 weeks now, and I've had no other kittens affected this way, I'm not sure this is the right answer.

I have seen mixed opinions on coccidia. Some say that it goes deep into the system and a fecal doesn't always show it. Others say the fecal exam should be definite.

Has anyone had experience with coccidia coming back on them after they have been cleared? I so desperately want to get them out of quarantine and start socialization in earnest with them. I can't bring them in with my other babies until I'm certain this is cleared up.

Any insights are appreciated!
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Are you using GSE? I would put a few drops in their food bowls if it were me. I have had great results using this to clear up bacterial infections.
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Coccidia is a parasite, but the diarrhea could be caused by a bacterial infection also. And you know cause and effect - the start of an imbalance starts a domino effect, particularly in kittens. The vet was supposed to have checked for bacteria also and they didn't mention that as a problem when I talked to them yesterday. They are blaiming diet, but I was warned that this vet blaims everything on diet (not my regular vet but one in the Humane Society). I probably will go for a second opinion.

OK, I'm having a senior moment. What is GSE?
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The lifestyle of coccidia is VERY different from many other parasites. Really the only correct way to diagnose it is by a blood test b/c their lifestages are so weird that it can go undetected in fecals for weeks, sometimes even months.

Untreated or incorrectly treated Coccidia comes and goes in two week intervals. Loose stool for up to a week, two weeks normal, than back again to loose stool.

The most effective treatment for Coccidia I have found is Albon, which you get from your vet. They have it once daily for THREE weeks. After a day or two you will notice a dramatic difference, but give it for a full three weeks or it will come back.

Good luck...it will be gone soon!
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You have described the cycle well - 1 week on and 2 weeks off.

They have been on albon for 14 days, and also on Baycox, a medicine sold in Australia and not yet licensed in the U.S. They had their last meds about 12 days before the diarrhea reappeared.

Interestingly, I've been told that there is a strain of coccidia in our area that is not responding to Albon. Some of the shelter cats were treated for 30 days on Albon and the coccidia still persisted. That is why they have gone to Baycox, 2 doses taken at 2 week intervals.

Thanks for the idea on the blood test. I think I will ask for a 3 week regimine of Albon and then ask them to run the blood test.
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