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Lazy Sunday for the Girls

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Looks like my girls are enjoying their Lazy Sunday! I don't think they've moved from my bed since early this morning. I would have made my bed, but I would have got many dirty looks from them.

Aren't they so cute? I know..I'm a bit biased!
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They're adorable!!
They look so cozy.
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They both look very adorable Shell. I think it would be hard not to go and cuddle with them. Tiki looks happy and Echo always looks comfy and relaxed. In fact, I don't think I've seen any pics of her standing before
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Ya know, now that you say that...I don't think I have ANY pictures of her standing! That's my mission now!

Thanks guys for the nice compliments on my girls. It's been so hard for me not to lay down in bed all afternoon with them! I wish I could have a cats life! How perfect is that?
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Your babies are gorgeous!

Does anyone get to make their beds with cats in the house? Mine is a perpetual mess!
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LOL! I try to make mine, but they destroy it as quickly as I make it. I didn't even attempt to make it today since they were permenantly attached to the comforter!
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Good pics Shell! And don't worry... my bed looks like that most of the time. Very rarely can I find my bed with no cats on it so I can make it!
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Oh they're so sweet
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Awwww! Shell, I love these pics!
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What pretty kitties! I get relaxed just looking at their adorable pics.
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They look so cute and comfi , that made me want to lay right next to them and snuggle with them and zzzzzzz for a while .
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Awwwww they are beautiful
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They're lovely babies, Shell. As for making the bed, I find there's a small window of time, while they're having breakfast. If I don't grab it, I'm done for. Oh, well!
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They are both so pretty.
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They have the right idea they are adorable
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Looks like my idea of the perfect Sunday. Your girls have the right idea.
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