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New Game to Test

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December Drag

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I tried it out -- seems absolutely fine (good fun). Didn't see the clock counting down, it was stuck at 9 so I have no idea how long it really took me, but that's the only thing I noticed...was it meant to clock the 3 minutes ?
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I did it, and for the first time ever, I was able to complete a drag puzzle. You did something different in this one, and I LOVE IT. It was so much better, I thought than any of the previous puzzles, because the little blocks were so much easier to move.
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Worked great for me! Timer counted up and didn't appear to stop.
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the first time I clicked the link and hit start, the time counted but the puzzle kept shuffling. then I closed the window and did it again and it was fine, but at the end it just said 'purrfect' and it didnt do anything else. I am using windows xp, explorer 6.0
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Hmm- thanks for the feedback
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What exactly is the prize? I can't find it?
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At first I thought it was going to be a sliding puzzle and was expecting to read the usual frustrated replies, as it would have been your biggest slide puzzle yet... Instead, it was nice to try a drag and drop puzzle for a change even though it was quite easy compared to a slide puzzle. However, it did seem to flicker a lot which was a bit distracting.
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