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Joke - warning: gross!

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An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the
last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset. Upon making
several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was
embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational.
In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the
bed sheets, and threw them out the hospital window.
A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He
started yelling, cursing, and swinging his arms violently trying to get the
unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at
his feet.
As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the
sheets, a hospital security guard (barely containing his laughter) who had
watched the whole incident walked up and asked, "What the heck is going on
The drunk, still staring down replied: "I think I just beat the $^%#
out of a ghost"
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LOL! I just got that one from my Mom the other day! Nasty, but funny as heck!
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That is funny!!!
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Hey, I like it! I have three older brothers, I've heard it all!!

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Heard that one the other day. LOL!!
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Yeah heard that one from Shell! I love it!
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he he he...sometimes, you have to love crude humor
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Too funny! Here's another classic:

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office wearing underwear made only of Saran Wrap. The psychiatrist says, "Well... I can cleary see your nuts."
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*groans in agony*


~ Salem
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