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Sunday Daily Thread

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Well, I enjoyed my one day of Simba letting me sleep. I sort of slept in for an hour later than usual today, but I had a cat circling me the whole hour, nipping me everywhere he could reach, and head-butting me has hard as he could. At least he's waiting until morning to do it now, instead of starting at 3 AM.

I really had fun at the wedding yesterday. I honestly wasn't looking forward to it for various reasons, but it was a really fun day and I'm glad I went. I even splurged off of my Atkins for the first time in 4 months, and had a small piece of cake. My head started spinning from all of the sugar. I was a little worried I would wake up craving donuts, but it hasn't happened so far.

Kellye, I know you usually contribute to the DTs - I want to see Whale Rider really badly, but didn't get to it in the theater. Is it out on DVD? How was it??

A really funny thing happened to me a few minutes ago - I was sending an e-mail, and was selecting recipients. Well, the screen all of a sudden froze and started sort of shaking. I was worried something was wrong with my computer, then realized Simba had sat down on the escape key!! He's full of the dickens today...

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
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Your life must be entertaining with Simba around!

Whale Rider is now out on DVD and I thought it was wonderful. Of course, I may be biased because I am a kiwi, and its filmed where my tribe, Ngati Kahungunu is from, althought it doesnt say what tribe they are in the movie, but we know The book is also available at Barnes and Noble and I might get it - I know who the writer is and he is wonderful - his name is Witi Ihimaera. It is more for kids, but adults should read it. Do get it out and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, and the scenery is amazing! (of course it is, it is NZ after all! )

Am waiting for hubby to get up, so we can go for breakfast. This is a regular sunday thing we do.

Its looking like a beautiful day, hopefully it will last! When does winter officially come?

I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Yes, Simba pretty much moved in and took over the house. I can't believe how much I had missed having a cat. I love my dogs dearly, but it's not the same. And they don't attack and bite my fingers when I'm trying to type. He thinks me getting on the computer is just a game that I play with him.

Winter officially starts December 21st. However, we often have very wintery conditions here before then.

We noticed ice on some ponds on the way to the wedding yesterday. We have been hearing for a couple of months that this is going to be a pretty harsh winter. We need to get a snowblower this year - I'll have to talk to my husband about picking one up today. We were going to get one a few years ago during a pretty bad winter, but they were all sold out! Then the last couple have been really mild.

Maybe I'll stop by the video rental store and pick up that movie to watch tonight...
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Been up for about 45 minutes...yuck! It's too early!! I am so tired, for the last 2 nights we have been here at Zack's parents and sleeping on a bed half the size from the one at home!! My muscles are tense and I froze both night because hubby stole the covers Now, I have the worst sore thoart because my mother-in-law likes the house to be 71 degrees all the time in the house!! YUCK! They are getting ready for church while I sit here and grip of course. I should be in a great mood since we are actually going to church today. I am pretty excited because I get to see the church we got married just makes me so happy to be there!!! We are taking my father-in-law out for lunch today since his birthday is on Tuesday! Might go pick up the Navity set that I want to get my mother-in-law for Christmas. But, we aren't suppose to go crazy until after the 15th, that's when our budget for Christmas can start. AH! I guess I am going to check my email now, and take some medicine...might take a power nap before church too, now that sounds good!!
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Originally posted by Suzy
A really funny thing happened to me a few minutes ago - I was sending an e-mail, and was selecting recipients. Well, the screen all of a sudden froze and started sort of shaking. I was worried something was wrong with my computer, then realized Simba had sat down on the escape key!! He's full of the dickens today...
That's funny! LOL! Snowball does things like that all the time. Once he deleted a reply that I was about to post on a thread. Another time I had to leave the computer for a few minutes, and while I was gone, he somehow managed to shrink TCS so that the entire site was about 1 inch wide and 2 inches high. Then there was the time he managed to open the start menu and probably would have shut down the computer.

Right now, he sleeping peacefully on his favorite chair, thank goodness!!!
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I am having doubts about "The Skunk Lady." I found her on the Internet and have been corresponding with her about our skunk problem. She told me last week that if we buy a high powered motion detector- that the light will scare the skunk away when it comes onto the feeder to feast. Ok, so we went out yesterday and bought a high-powered motion detector and set it up. Last night, we were sleeping and the bedroom is suddenly lit up- Mike jumps out of bed goes to the window, and on the feeder is the "biggest skunk in the world" (according to him) and "you have to get out of bed and see this monster!" So I drag my protesting bones out of bed to go stand by the window, and I see the same skunk that I have seen all along- the same one that sprayed me and I tell him so. We laugh at how frightened the light made this skunk, who is calmly feasting on the food. I crawl back to bed, he keeps watching and then he lays down..............zzzzzzzzz.......BING! Bedroom again awash with light. Mike gets up- this time he tells me it's "the largest raccoon in the country!" LOL I tell him to get a life and go back to bed! But he keeps insisting in a quiet voice that I have to get up and see this! So my bones are really protesting now- we bucked 5 tons of hay that day, but I get out of bed and go to the window and see biggest skunk in the world and then the biggest raccoon in the country eating side by side, not a care in the world, the light glaring down on them! I pat Mike on the shoulder, tell him he is a good night watchman, but he really needs to get a life, and I go back to bed. He stands there for quite some time watching (probably drooling) Then the light goes off and he slides into bed.

By this time, the kittens are annoyed, they had their sleeping spot all fixed up and he keeps disturbing THEIR slumber! So finally, the bed is quiet and we are settled down- and then the light goes on again! I groan and tell Mike I am going shopping on Monday for heavier curtains, he gets out of bed and goes to the window and says "Mary Anne look a Possum!" LOL I turn on the nightstand light and glare at him and tell him to get back into bed, I have seen possums- I have bottle fed babies, I have seen adults and I have no desire at 3:00 a.m to do anything other than SLEEP! I told him I don't care if a tiny dragon flaps in out of the sky and lands on the feral feeder and starts eating. DON'T WAKE ME UP!!!!!!!!! Then I turned over and stuck a pillow over my head, 3 highly annoyed kittens climb up on my hip and legs and we slept that way all through the night! I guess I can tell "The Skunk Lady" the light really *terrified* that skunk! The only critter to run from it was Cyclone!
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Mary Anne - ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

At least you gave the critters a little light so they can find the food better!

Husbands are funny that way, aren't they? My hubby hollered for me to come the other day - 'hurry, hurry' - to see.... a racoon. Yep, just a racoon. Not doing anything special, just wandering down the side of the road. (We do live in town, but close to a lake, so there are critters running around all the time.)

At least it wasn't 3 am....

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LMAO!!! Hissy what a night! Yah, flood lights are really good to help them see their food LOL! There isn't anything that will keep them away from the food as far as I know, not even barbed wire, they'll get in there some how!

Nada much, another slow morning...misting and drizzling and cloudy again....

Caprice!!! You get up so early!!! I'm just turning on my other side at that time!!! Of course my little snugbug likes to have his head or feet in my belly by that time, man he sleeps worse that I do!!!

Okay JB just jumped in front of hte screen. You know this four-legged runt expects me to pick him up each time he wants to eat on the counter!!! LMAO!!! I keep yelling at him that he has four legs which is more than ours and that he's quite capable of jumping up their by himself!! He just sits there calmly, like 'yes I know but you are my slave' look in a British tone. Now he's being extra cute and fuzzy!!! Ah, can't take it anymore!!!

Ate some oatmeal and lots of water. Have major indigestion. LOL! JB running off with the lollipop!!!
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I pitched my motion-sensative lights years ago when I realized that a strong wind would set them off - probably the tree branches swinging in the breeze.

Got up before dawn to find the allusive pee spot in the living room with the black light - I've been sniffing for a week now and couldn't isolate it. WOW! They got the curtains behind the sofa and 2 spots along the baseboard in the dining room. Also found out that sneeze snot glows pretty strongly (my household has just finished up a round of URI's). Those things really do work wonders! Looks like a round of cleaning is in order today.

Worked for a couple hours on the TCS cookbook and think we're almost done with it.

Going to smoke a pork roast on the smoker this afternoon. Heading out right now to throw on the wood.....
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MUHAHAHAHAHA! I foiled Kahu!

He is always knocking my stuff off my dressing table - hairbrush, lotions, etc, and so I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a wicker box thing and put my stuff in it and put it back on the dresser where they belong - now Kahu can't knock them down, and it actually looks pretty - every time he gets on my dresser, I have to laugh at him hahahahahaha!

Went to Target today - its new in the area so I enjoyed a walkaround, looking at things, and bought a new bathmat, some plug outlet covers (would you believe that the landlord did not put any covers on the plug outlets??) Now they look so much better and safer too!

I am SO not looking forward to winter But I don't think it will be as extreme as it was last year (fingers crossed)

Have a wonderful day you all!
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MA - That's the funniest story Really cheered up my Sunday.

Joe just took a photo of me, as I wanted to send it to the young girl I sponsor in Burkina Faso...we ended up with one of the "no win" conversations that men complain about:

Joe "This looks nice - good photo"
Me "Is this what I normally look like to you ?"
Joe "Errr, what's wrong with it"
Me "So I do look like that - fat and ugly"
Joe "You don't look fat"
Me "So I do look ugly"
Joe "Errr, that's not what I meant"...

Poor man has gone out on his bike, I'm planning on a facial or something radical - I need to do something with this old, tiered face.

Happy Sunday everyone
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I don't have any problems with skunks, but I do have an on-going problem with waaaaay too many squirrels in my yard. I like to feed the wild birds, but the local squirrel population is so large and so pesty that both of my bird feeders have to be enclosed in wire cages. I thought this was working, but now I have found that the squirrels have still managed to ruin one of them by chewing off the wooden perches. I'm leaving to go shopping later so maybe I can find a suitable replacement...again. My other bird feeder has metal perches so at least that one is ok.
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LOL Toby! I doubt you look as bad as you think. We never see ourselves as others do- give that man a break and give him a hug when he comes back from his bike ride-
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Hissy that story is hillarious! Good luck with the skunks, other animals (and Mike)!

I had trouble sleeping again last night. Uuugghhh I hate this! I think much of it is my sinus medicine.

Well, Hallie won't stay cooped up in the spare room very long, now that she's had a taste of the rest of the house. The problem is, if I leave her out here all the time she loses interest in her food quicker. This morning I put her in the spare room with a full bowl of food and told her: "Hallie, you can't come out until you eat all your food." Ok, well she ate most of it.

Carmella is still kind of pissed off about the new animals. She's turned into Miss Hissy again. I suppose she'll get over it. She just doesn't adjust to change easily.

I want to go do something today but haven't figured out what yet! It snowed here for 3 days in a row and we really needed that. But it doesn't motivate me to get out.
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I cannot believe that I slept until 8:45 this morning. I WAS up at midnight - my nose was itching again and it takes the Benzocaine ointment some time to work. Overnight lows are in the high 50s, so I can sit out on the patio, smoke and read with just a robe and slippers.

Buddy spent the night in the computer room. Since he doesn't meow and can't scratch, we didn't know he was there, until I opened the door, at 10. He followed me into the bedroom and squeaked his sad tale of woe. A fresh bowl of cat food pacified him, though.

KMart had some really good deals, this week. For a change, we bought groceries there. The freezer is full and we'll eat well, for the next couple of weeks.

I got two new pillows (hope this will solve the neck problem) and two cases of t.p. I spent $103.00 but, gotta eat sleep and wipe!

BTW, Hissy: it was nice of you to light up the Wildlife Diner. Its much nicer, when you can see what you're eating. As for Mike, get him a boiled shirt and a tux - he can be the maitre d'.
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Cindy - whats the point of living when you can't wipe?
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Originally posted by katl8e
BTW, Hissy: it was nice of you to light up the Wildlife Diner. Its much nicer, when you can see what you're eating. As for Mike, get him a boiled shirt and a tux - he can be the maitre d'.
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Whale Rider is wonderful, it starts out really slow, but its a great movie. I was really touched and I still think about it from time to time.

Sitting here with my sleeping and snoring big boy Noel and his sister was licking his ears, it was so cute, I wish I could post a pic but I don't have a digital camera!
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I just finished watching "Dreamcatcher" Grossed me out!!!!!!!! *shudder*
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KIWI!!! Isn't that a weird movie?!!! Freaked me out also, can't wait to read the book to get freakier details, if I can find one cheap.
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Yeah it was weird, took me a while to get into! I have the book here but I havent read it yet! I must read it now! LMAO
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I read Dreamcatcher and didn't really care for it. I love some of Stephen King's books, but there are some that I've just never really gotten into, and that was one of them. After reading the book, I know better than to watch the movie - too much potential gore for me! I like scary & suspenceful, but not gross in movies.

We went and got a snowblower today, so we should be ready for winter. Now I think it is supposed to be really nice out for awhile again. It has been so cold the last few days that it wouldn't have surprised me to get snow, but we haven't yet.

Boy, this weekend flew by. I am not ready for tomorrow to be Monday, but I guess I don't have much say in the matter...
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LOL Mary Anne! That's such a cute story about your wildlife!

I got up this morning, and I'm going to write a poem later about what happened to me last night- Just wait it was really funny!

Didn't have time for the net, Had to get ready and go to the shops before school to buy some new sandels and get a feed!

Had a good day at school! Got back from school and took Jaz for the beach for a walk. Now I'm being told we're going out for dinner in a few minutes. So best be off.

Catch you all later.. Sam.
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