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QT's surprise!

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Silly QT has done it again!
Before I log out, let me tell you the latest adventure of my naughty kitty...
I am sure all of your kitties have given you gifts. My 3 girls' offerings combined included birds, mice, frogs and lizards (on the average they are still alive). But last night, after dinner, QT strutted next to me with something dangling from her mouth. I bent down to see what it was and it was a live, wriggling dark brown(almost black) SNAKE!
Of course, she dropped it the moment I started screaming. But the snake was too slow to escape from QT's claws. She held it until I managed to get a bottle to keep it. Believe me it was hard making her let go.
Well,it turns out one of my neighbors has a snake, so I gave it to him. Don't ask me what type of snake it was, I was just glad it wasn't the poison variety.
Don't know whether to laugh or cry!
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I couldn't handle that!!! Mice,Lizards,Frogs I can handle all those but a snake would cause me to never set foot on my floor again!! My biggest fear is snakes poisonous or not! anything that doesn't have legs and makes the "SSSSSSS' sound is bad in my book! But good thinking on giving it to your neighbour at least she won't be bring him back to you

It's it so lovely how our kitties bring us these nice little gifts?
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I would have had a heart attack! I hate snakes!!!!!!
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Some surprises are NOT a good thing!
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I guess there aren't any snakes around here. Fawn would surely have brought one home if there were. She has to settle for worms -- once the winter rains come, we can expect several a day. I think I'll stop complaining -- I can do without snakes, thanks!
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We don't have snakes in NZ. But they sound great!
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