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baby teeth

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Hi to all cat lovers

I realised that my 5.5 months old kitty is losing her baby teeth. When she stopped eating her dry Eukanuba kitten food, I thought she was just being finicky at first. But then I somehow looked at her mouth (to check if she had any problems with her gums or teeth) and saw that one of her teeth is about to "go". But it's still there & I wonder if I should let her do everything about the tooth or If I should take out the tooth myself !

Does anyone know if cats feel ill (like the human babies) when they are about to loose their baby teeth ? What should I do to comfort her ? I am giving her canned food + human baby food right now. Should I supplement her diet with calcium + vitamin D ?


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I've never had a pet that I've had to help lose their baby teeth. As long as you are feeding quality food, I wouldn't think that you have to supplement. If you think there's a problem, you could always call the vet to get their suggestions. Good luck!
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Unless your kitten appears to be in a lot of pain, I would let things happen as they will.

My guess is that the tooth will come out when it does and not a moment before. *grin* I wouldn't worry about supplementing her now. A good, high-quality canned food mixed with a smidgen of warm water to make some gravy would probably be appreciated for the next few days until the tooth comes out.

If she appears feverish, lethargic, or doesn't eat at all, then contact the vet. He might want to have a look-see to make certain the gum didn't tear and become infected.

Please let us know how things progress,

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I too would let nature take it's course. I have stepped on quite a few baby teeth..OUCH. Cats will even eat dry food without teeth. They usually don't chew it much anyway. If 48 hours goes by and she doesnt eat I would get her to the vet asap. It may be something else bothering her.
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Before realizing that her tooth was coming out, I gave her only dry food. She ate so little of it so I stopped insisting & bought her canned food. She eats the canned food (Fancy Feast) well. No lethargy or any signs of unhealthiness. It seems like she just doesn't want the dry food (she was eating it last week). I hope she won't reject Eukanuba after eating canned food for a few days because I don't want to feed her with another food

Thanks for the replies by the way
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Do not be surprised if she refuses dry food after the wet. Cats are like kids when it comes to wet food most of the time. If cats could, they would eat wet only. It's kinda like giving a 6 year old the choice of eating Mc donalds over a salad.
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Go figure...my sister's new kitten has been refusing his wet food- instead preferring the dry food that we have out for him...
This has nothing to do with your teeth problem Dodo

But anyway don't cats usually swallow their baby teeth? I've never found a single tooth from any of my cats.
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