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My name is Terri and I live in CA with 2 of my 3 children and 40 something cats. I've been online for 2 1/2 years and never knew about this site, otherwise I would've been here sooner. One thing I love to do is talk about my cats.
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Welcome to the forums Terri. I am sure you will enjoy it here. We have lots of fun talking about our babies. I am also from CA but misplaced here in CT. I will be moving back in a few years. I go home every summer though. I would have 40 cats if my house let me!!!
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Forty cats! You're a lucky one!

Welcome to the forums Terri! By the way, this site is brand new - only 3 months old, so we're all new around here !
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Terri....nice to meet you!!!! do you live on a farm....or in the country somewhere that your 40 something cats can roam...lol?

I have never met anyone who has more cats than one of my best friends...till now! she has close to 30....but all of them are outside. I have 9....1 inside, 8 outside...would love to hear about all 40 of your babies!! Do you have names for all of them? Glad you have joined us!!! Tell us more about yourself and your cats
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No, I don't live in the country or on a farm. Most of my cats live in my garage. I used to let them come and go as they please but, then my new neighbor started complaining about them being in his yard. So...I let a few out at a time and when they come back in the next group goes out. I make sure they are all back in the garage before I go to bed though. I think all of them know they are supposed to be in at night because they are usually waiting by the door to be let in. They've even brought home a couple of their friends and one of them has made himself at home and stayed. I try to keep the females and young ones (with plenty of litter boxes) inside the house away from the males so I won't end up with more. But somehow one or the other has sneaked by me and there's going to be more in a few weeks. I have such a hard time giving them up. I know if I have them they will be taken care of. If they're given away, who knows what their owners will be like.
I have names for all but the three new babies.(3 weeks old) Sometime I'll list them all.
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I wish there were more people who could take care of them like you do. Have you ever thought about looking for one of those low cost spay/neuter programs in your area? Maybe if one male got neutered a month or so, you wouldnt have to keep them seperate as much. Where in Ca do you live?
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I live in the high desert area. As far as I know there are no low cost spay/neuter programs here. It'll cost me somewhere around 32.00-35.00 for each female and 20.00-23.00 for each male. I think I'll ask my Veterinarian if he does group spaying. If he doesn't, I'll ask another one and so on. There's bound to be one that'll do it. I have one nuetered male now. It would probably be cheaper in the long run to get one done each month. My cat food bill is getting quite large.
Changing the subject---Anybody else have their natural gas company raise their rates?
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My mom and dad had their bill go up. Of course it is just as bad here with the oil. Where in the high desert, I have family all over CA? I hope you can work something out with your joys. I know how the cost goes up with every mouth! I breed, so I have a handful that are whole. I only keep the whole females though. I did talk to the president of a rescue I volunter with. She said she would try and spay the females because it stops the whole process. She also said it would reduce the chance of cancer in the females. If I hear of any low cost in the area I will be sure to let you know!!
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I live in Barstow. It's midway between Las Vegas, Nev. & Los Angeles, CA. Thanks, I would appreciate it if you'd let me know if you hear of any low cost clinics in this area.
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