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All these kitties are VERY cute!
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Toes, the big guy down below, is 21 pounds, but the vet said he's healthy. He's also part Maine Coon and they do get bigger than your average kitty.

Tailer weighed 17 pounds until she moved to WY. She now weighs about 12 pounds, no diet just lots of exercise.
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Peedoodle is large....(I cant say fat in case I hurt his feelings) and he has lost weight from 22lbs to 17lbs which I am really happy about - I can breath more easily when he is sitting on my chest! Kahu gives him so much exercise when they play - they run around all day!
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Mr. Underfoot is trying to convice me he doesn't need to be on a diet, that he's nice & slim. He's actually lost a little bit of weight now, down from 16 & 1/2 to 15 lbs.

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What a great name... Mr. Underfoot! It says it all...I love his belly button spot
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Mr. says thank you.

Here's a "before" picture of his tummy:

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Mr. Underfoot is beautiful! Tummy kisses!
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Awwwww too cute
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Ok, Ok, so I posted this picture of GoGo in another thread about cats walking on leashes but I felt compelled to post in here, too. I take GoGo for morning walks around the neighborhood. We walk in everybody's yard and I let him climb a tree or two. (My neighbors think it's TOO funny) Over time, I noticed that he is starting to trim down. His belly is not go gigantic these days. Anyway, I thought I would share this photo of my big boy's progress.

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Awwww....looking good, Gogo! :
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I love gogo- He does look slimmer btw!
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Aww what a great photo of GoGo and his new trimmer self! That's so cool that he goes on neighborhood walks!!
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