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Fat Cats Only!

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Here's my 18 pound male Peppurr! He started gaining so much weight since his neutering. Post your "fat cat" pics here!

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Awwwwwwwwwww! Cute bubba!
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I don't know how much Raffael weights , but her he is .
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Tasha I would be seeking out a vet and getting a diet for your guy before you have to deal with the heartbreaking diseases that go along with obese cats.
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This is Daisey...she's my baby sumo ...she weights 14 lbs although looks bigger.....her little sister Blossom has decided to put her on a diet cause she is always stealing Daisey's food!!!
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And.......this is Blossom....she only weights like 8 lbs but looks bigger cause she is fluffy!!
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This is our big boy Malachi , my husbands cat
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erm....just wondering...how can I get more than just one pic on a post at the same time????

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I just want to kiss Malachi! What a cutie!

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You can only attach one picture per post.

However is you're remote linking I don't think there's a limit.
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thank you Sam
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Raffael is just stunning - love the look of total concentration on his face.
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I agree Hissy, Peppurr needs to go on a diet! I am bringing him to the vet for a check up, maybe they'll put him on a diet! I have heard that the Waltham diet is really good!

All of your kitties are adorable!
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okay this is my Katy - all 9 kilos of her and yes she is on a diet
(1st time for photo posting - hope it works)
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GoGo weighs 20 pounds and my vet told me that he is healthy but he doesn't want see him gain anymore weight. We have been feeding him Iams Weight Control Formula , walking him on a leash. We also encourage all of the cats to play in the cat enclosure where they climb trees, ramps, etc... Anyway, he has maintained this weight for 2 years -- which made the vet happy...at least he maintained.

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The Sammycat is on a diet and has lost a little bit. He is not a happy camper at all, there is nothing worse than a hungry cat

The vet and I put him on Iams Weight control diet and cut out almost all of his cookies. I still give him a couple of treats once in a while just to keep him happy
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This one was when he was heavier but I think it is a cutie

Portions have been edited for his modesty
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Hubby hasn't downloaded the new pics for me yet, but here in my avatar is my fat prince! He weighs 20 pounds, and has maintained it for almost a year now since we got him. I would be much happier if he could be 15 though, just seems to me he wouldn't have a lot of trouble as he gets older. I have tried a couple of diets and nothing works. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Originally posted by caprice
I have tried a couple of diets and nothing works. Anyone have any suggestions?
Get a rambuctious kitten or 2 and a tall cat condo that he will play on! Seriously, Pinky lost 2 pounds in the last year with kittens in the house and new cat condos. It's hard to tell his size with the massive coat that he has, but he has slimmed down to 16 pounds and we continue to work him. Here he is playing on the latest cat condo:
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You know guys? Maybe after your cats have been on a vet-recommended diet, you could post after pictures? It would be a powerful thread for many cat owners out there to see the vast difference. One thing with overweight cats, is to introduce fiber into their diets- canned pumpkin, mashed green beans, even a tablespoon of catnip in a bowl by itself will help them move their systems right along and bring you a happier and healthier kitty in the long-term.

Please don't get me wrong, I think all these cats are beautiful! Some of them have to be really uncomfortable handling all of that weight. They were designed to climb and run and jump, not lay around and eat all day and sleep. Tasha I wonder if since you got rid of all your cat's playfriends that he doesn't have much else to keep him active in the day time- six months ago thereabouts, you posted a picture of him and he was nice and slim?

Good luck to all of you. Obesity in cats brings on the same sort of problems as obesity in humans. It's easy to put it on and oh so hard to take it off.
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Not to be a bummer here....but we did lose out 8 year old Max to a sudden cardiac event related to his obesity. Yes it was a horrible lesson to learn. When Pinky got large, we changed his food and gave him new experiences to get him to exercise. It's hard to manage weight loss in a multi-cat household, but with some creativity, it can be done.
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PurrCatLove, I don't think Raffael is fat. He isn't thin, but he doesn't look like a fat cat to me. He's beautiful. Malachi doesn't look fat, either.
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My cat looks like Daisy! This is Mabel, she's 14 pds and 7 years old. We are *trying* to lose weight, but it isn't an easy task

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wow Mabel and Daisey are so alike - 2 cuties
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Wow! What cute kitties! I love pudgy cats!
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Thanks Hope , they may could loose a few pounds though
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I've been weighing Daisey for the last 4 months and she just seems to be stablising at 14 lbs....so hopefully she won't get any heavier to cause any health probs...so I do keep check on her weight...but she does look adorable being so tubby
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Daisy is sweet! It's so hard to get cats to lose weight and I have a hard time figuring out what to do exactly. I bought a new cat toy and have been trying to get her to play daily, switching cat food to light, and some other things. Mabel was a pet store cat... my husband bought her and didn't realize she wasn't eating the food the pet store assured him she liked. She ended up in an incubator at the vets... seemed she was too young to be taken from her mother too.
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OMG poor Mabel...that is awful...she is such an adorable looking kitty...that would have been heart breaking to watch her in the incubator...I fuss round my kitties like they really were human and the stress of something like I'm not sure I could handle lol!

Well she seems to look in great health from your photos. I'm not sure..but I think that Daisey' weight stays stable cause she will play chases with me about the appartment...so that is exercise for the both of us...I run and she chases then we switch lol....I throw a soft ball for her and also plays fetch with it...so the more I have her running about I think helps keep her weight at 14 lbs and not going higher!
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I give Mittens a cup to a cup and a half a day of Science Diet Hairball Control Lite. I make him chase a string for a couple of minutes a day, but he has not lost a pound. He goes back in February for a check-up, so I am going to ask her about what our next plain should be.
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