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Saturday Nite Owl Thread

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Ssssoooo....how are the weekend night owls doing? It's only 9:15 here. Still seems later than that.

Earl is just now fixing dinner. Taco/fajita things. He got fajita seasoning, but when we got home he forgot to thaw the beef strips and thawed hamburger instead. We'll see how this turns out! LOL

I'm up working on Save Samoa. Got as much done on Stray Pet Advocacy as I can earlier this evening.

Trying to resist the evil candy that we still have since there were all of 2 trick or treaters last night (I loaded them up!).
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I have just got back from a Cat Fancy meeting. We had the alot more people than usual attend it was good

Just chatting on MSN now and might even do some homework

Your dinner sounds yum Heidi, You must come back and say how it was
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It's dropped down to 17 degrees tonight. All the cats are curled on the electric blanket that is on early. There is no room for humans on the bed right now.

I am working on some articles and Mike is curled up watching reruns. I have hot water brewing for hot chocolate might add a little bit of Kahlua in it to help my weary bones.
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Today was a rainy day.... But I had to go out in it anyway, because I had to run some errands. Right now.... I am just chilling in my pajamas on the puter.
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Just finished watching the movie "Whale Rider". Am fixing to go to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Have a good night you all!
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Just got home from watching a movie. My ex-fiance' & I (no..we're not "together"...just friends ONLY) went to Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney and Catherine Zeta Jones in it. It was ok...nothing real special in it though. I probably should have waited until it came out on video...to be honest. I mostly enjoyed drooling over George the entire time...damn that man is hot! There was some really funny moments but the story line really dragged at times.

Anyway, now I'm in my Husker PJ's & surfin' the net for a while.

Anyone else still awake?
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I'm still here, but probably not for very long.

Our dinner was actually really good! I think I like the Fajita seasoning better than the Taco seasoning. Makes it a little sweeter - not sweet, just sweeter. But it was good.
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Well after enjoying a nite off instead of spending it at work. I am back at work nothing to do but sit here and play on the internet. it's 5 after midnight my time. I am waiting for my hunny to come here to keep me up till I get something to do here at work. See I work in a Medical Records Wearhouse. So the only reason I am here in the middle of the nite is for all the people who go to the hospitals during the nite...and to be honest it's never really that many!!! But anyway say someone has a heart attack The people at the hospital Fax me a request with a medical number on it. I then have to go out to the wearhouse and pull that file or in most cases Radiology jacket. Then I check it out to the Hospital kinda like a library book and then I call the courier services and they come and pick up the jacket or file and take it to the hospital for me. During the week I get to do a little more work then that only because the hospitals send over pages and pages of requests for radiology jackets for their Breast care center. So I have to pull all of their Mammo's for all the patients that have appt's the next day. The one thing I love about my job is the fact that since I am starting school next Aug to become an LPN, I look at the X-ray's and what not and then I get to file Death Certs and Birth Certs so it's pretty cool!! Well now that you all know what my job is LOL I think I am gonna go have a cig and then come back to TCS

Have a good nite everyone!!!
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What a pretty uneventful nite!!! I have pulled maybe 5 Radiology jackets and did one File. I still have about 25 I need to pull for the first delivery tomorrow but I don't have to do those until about 6 my time and right now it's 10 mins to 5 I am have this cool Bloging site where theres this guy from jail who writes every couple of days it's pretty interesting. if you are interested in reading it. here's the link.....Blog site

Just in case LOL well time to make a STAT delivery......you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will see all of you Tuesday nite!!
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