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Old Age-

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A dear family friend is going to turn 103 years old on Monday! She still has all of her capabilities- mentally alert not caught in dementia or altzheimers. She has to use a walker to get around, but other than that she is in pretty good shape. I don't know if this has a bearing, but she is mostly Choctaw Indian.

My question is, would you like to live that long?
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To me it is a quality of life issue. If I still had my thinking capacities, and was able to DO something beyond just laying in bed (which it sounds like your friend certainly can), then yes I would like to live that long. It would be amazing to see the changes in the world over 100 years, and I would imagine would put a lot of the petty stuff that people get all riled up about into perspective.
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So long as I still had all my marbles and was reasonably able to get around, I would love to still be around at 100. 200, too.
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Wow! Kudos to your friend Mary Anne!

Yeah, I'd love to live that long and long as my lights were still on.
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Only if I have friends my age! Then we would be able to do things at our own pace,talk about things that may be a bore to a younger audience, etc. I rather die young with friends than live a long time and alone.
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If I could still enjoy a good quality of life, and if the medical advances that have been predicted actually happen, I wouldn't mind living even longer.

Working in a nursing home and being around elderly people all the time is probably influencing my answer
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103 ! Wow - what's her secret ?

I'm with everyone else, if I would still have all my faculties and be able to get around I'd LOVE to make 103. I'm from a family that typically doesn't get past 60, so I'd love to improve on that, 103 is just amazing !
post #8 of 17 amazing to live that long! they're predicting that more people in my generation will live to be 100.

i think that's wonderful that she's kept herself active enough and not allowed herself to wilt away like so many of the elderly do.

as long as i didn't need special care, i wouldn't mind being 100. i guess it would just depend on that.
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The same as everyone else, as long as I had all of my capabilities - yes I would. My Great Grandfather on my mothers side lived to be 104. He had all of his capabilities and didn't even need a walker. What fianally killed him was a case of gangreen (not sure if I'm spelling it correctly).
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It's really a shame that your family usually doesn't make it past 60!!!
Maybe new medical advances will give you a better chance at a longer life?
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103, wow! Id like to get to about 75-80. Who knows though...
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As long as i was in good health sure i would.
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I'd love to if my health held out. My great grandmother (on my mother's side) lived to be 103. She was blind and crippled by arthritis and didn't get out of bed the last 10 years of her life.

Her son (mom's dad) lived to be 96. He gave up on life when at 92 he went blind (and had to sell the car he bought when he was 90), and at 95 fell and broke his hip. He was immobile after that, no longer loved life and we are convinced he willed himself to die. Here was a man that at the age of 88, while vacationing in South America, ran down a man who snatched his wife's purse, tackled him, punched him grabbed the purse back and walked away.

I side with grandpa - if life isn't fun anymore, it isn't worth living.
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Originally posted by Momofmany
I side with grandpa - if life isn't fun anymore, it isn't worth living.
That sums up my view. I want to get old and be a dirty old lady, but if I'm sick or otherwise unable to enjoy life, I wanna check out.
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No way would I want to live that long- even if I was as healthy as I could be for that age, time would still have taken its toll and I wouldn't be able to do the things I like to do.
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I honestly don't know. Yes, it would be wonderful to see how the world changes. Of course health is a concern. If there is no quality of life no thanks. But even if there is quality of life I'm wondering if I would truly want to be around that long. Not to be morbid or anything, but I wouldn't want to outlive everyone I know and love.
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I fully plan on living that long! I have a severe phobia about death!
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