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Picked a name for our kitten (don't laugh!)

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Well, this is going to sound strange, but the kitten we're keeping out of Muffy's litter is going to be called Puffy. I bet you think that my 4 year old named him, don't you! But it was actually my husband. The kitten (Puffy) is very fluffy, very soft, and well, just down right Puffy. Also, my husband says he's named after some rap singer named Puffy something (I don't listen to rap music). So now we have Muffy and Puffy. (I'm just a bit embarrassed, but the name does suit him.)

I'll post pics next week after I visit my mom!
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:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:

Ok, all better now!



Just kidding Dawn, I think it's cute...hopefully the kitten will stay Puffy though when it grows up...be funny to see a sleek, slinky cat named Puffy!

Look forward to the pics!

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Hey Dawn,

I thinnk it's cute. But I think I've read against naming 2 different animals names that sound alike. On second thought, what cat comes when it's called anyway?
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I've heard that too about similar names, but I figure, if I'm calling one, I want them both, so it can't hurt. Plus, the kids just love it. Who am I to argue? Doug was also in charge of naming our children, so I guess I can count myself lucky that they're named Amy and Adam.
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Dawn, I like the name Puffy. As for names sounding alike, I have Salem and Smoky and Smoky ALWAYS comes when I call Salem.
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Dawnt91; I was always fond of "Puff the Magic Dragon" so I think "Puffy" is a great name! :flash:
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Re: Puffy becoming an ironically sleek grown-up cat

We have a cat who was a crazy kitten, very silly and wacko all the time, and played incessantly until we finally named her The Silly Goose (she goes by Goose for short).

Fast-forward to 18 months, and she is the most regal-looking black Persian cross, very serious and even stodgy most of the time, and suddenly only the name seems silly.

Our vet (like any excellent vet) mostly talks to the cats, not to us, and refuses to call Goose by her name since it is so inappropriate.

Just be prepared to explain the origin of the name whenever you introduce your cat.

This, oddly enough, is not my most inappropriately named cat. When I was a child we got a couple of tiny female barn kittens, and named them Gypsy and Rosalie. One day we came home to Rosalie cleaning a very unexpected body part. We tried to change his name to Ross, but it didn't stick; it was too late.

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since my cats are named Cracker & Barrel, I have no business giving my opinion on cat names.
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Dear Dawn,
Wasn't there a movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in it where he was referenced as "Puffy" in school?? I'm probably wrong..something like puffy or fluffy...it was because of his hair..Oh it was "Notting Hills!" I do that ...get stuck...sort of like my computer...I hate when that happens..anyway...he's pretty cool. Off on a tangent! Sorry! PUFFY IS GREAT!

Love &
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I can always just say it was the kids who named him! :laughing:
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Puffy's a cute name. I have Akira, Tippy, SnakeFood and River. How's that for different and strange? 3 of then named by my hubby. Akira for his fave Japanime character, SnakeFood, because she didn't have a name for 3 months and he called her it joking around and she came, and River because he found her on North River St. What makes it ironic is that he really doesn't like cats. Tippy was named by the people we got her from because she has tips on her ears like a bobcat. The name just stuck. As long as you like the name and if it fits thats all that matters.
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Puffy is a cute name! The rapper he was referring to was "Sean Puff Daddy or Puffy Combs". I don't listen to rap that much but that was all my brother listened to back when I was able to see him.. so I know some of the rappers names.

Hey Cat.. I absolutely LOVE the movie Notting Hills. Julia Roberts is my fav actress! Hugh Grant's nickname in highschool in that movie was "Floppy" I believe... because of his hairstyle!! :LOL: That was a great movie

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Actually,that is a cute name!! I like it! And, it's Puff Daddy your hubby is thinking of! :tounge2:
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That's such a cute name! I do think something like fluffy would suit her more when she's older. My cats are named Nicky, Muffin, and Shasta, which I think are all kinda strange.
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