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Cat milk addiction?

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JC was ten weeks old when I brought him home, and had gotten "Whiskas cat milk" in his foster home from the time he was weaned. I've tried various brands, though not those containing sugar, and he definitely wants the Whiskas kind. The thing is - he wants it every day. One bottle contains 200 ml, and I give him 50 ml a day. I've tried not giving him it on a daily basis, and he terrorizes us (yowls until the neighbors ask what is wrong). All attempts to get him to switch to kefir, butter milk, yoghurt, etc., have failed. Our vets tell me to "watch his weight" - he weighs 13.5 lbs., but think it is more important that he drinks enough. Is it good, or bad, that he drinks so much cat milk? Does anybody else have a "cat-milk junkie"? He drinks water - he has 3 bowls of water spread throughout the house, plus a Petmate fountain in the kitchen. Is this normal behavior?
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Well if you can't do tough love with him and let him carry on without giving him the cat's milk, then all that is left to do is give him the milk. I would be more prone to ignore his demands, and give him only a little bit maybe a few times a week. But if your neighbors are complaining?
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maybe you can mix the milk with water and eventually wean him off it. if you would like to still give it to him, maybe mixing it will help cut down on the 'addiction'. that way you can still give it to him but he wont cry for it if he doesnt get it. just an idea.
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Our cats love the Catsip brand, they dont like anything else, well most of them anyway. They attack my husband every morning when he goes in to make coffee. He mixes it will water also, I was wondering if we should give it to them everyday or not. They beg for the stuff till they get it!
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I thinned the cat milk with about 10 -15% water this morning. JC sniffed it and proceeded to yowl. My husband was nerve-wracked after about two hours and dumped it, so JC got what he wanted - unadulterated Whiskas cat milk. The problem is that we live in a cul-de-sac with 6 semi-detached houses - smack dab in the middle. JC has the lungs and vocal cords of the "Three Tenors" combined, so you can hear him 2 or 3 houses away, even with the windows shut. He's even louder than the dog right next door, a Greyhound who has gone senile and does an awful lot of barking and howling. He also sounds like a St. Bernard when he's coming down the steps. Just to give you an idea - a repairman who was working on the heating system next door asked the neighbors what kind of dog we had that made so much noise. After they told him we had a cat, he rang our doorbell and asked to see the cat - apparently he thought we had a tiger, lion or cougar that could make such a racket. So "tough love" isn't really an option, and JC knows it. Other than the calories, do you think daily doses of (unsweetened)cat milk can be harmful?
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