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I can see everything fine, Windows XP and IE 6.0 with cable modem.
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They look fine to me too. I'm using windows 2000, Netscape 7.1 and am on cable modem.
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I'm wondering it those not seeing images have anti-spyware/adware software on their PC? (seperate from anti-virus) If they are in stealth mode and/or have all ads blocked and/or 3rd party cookies, this could be the problem??
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This is very strange - the page doesn't use any cookies or anything to trigger any spyware (we don't use anything suspicious anywhere on the sites to the best of my knowledge ). There are no pop-ups and not javascript links - just plain old html and the standard image formats (gifs and jpgs). Those of you who can't see the images - can you view images elsewhere on the web? on here? The only thing I can think of is that someone who has their browser set to not view images may not see the images - other than that it should be very straightforward.
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I am on cable, Windows XP, and checked with IE 6.0, Netscape 7.0, and netscape 4.X (something, 4.6?) and it worked fine for all of them.
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It appears that most of the people who can't see anything are using IE 5.5. I do recall there were some issues with writing HTML and that version....
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I'm using windows XP, I do have Norton security which is very aggressive but doesn't typically prevent me seeing graphics or indeed any other content...unless it's pop-ups. As per my earlier message I regularly see streaming video too. Can see images etc on this site fine...

Perculiar problem you have there...Good Luck with it.
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I don't think there's anything you can do, to make it better. It is just straight HTML, and those are just basic graphics. It should work for everyone, unless there is some problem with their browser.
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i had no problems with them...another XP user with cable internet here.
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All of them look fine to me except the Foremost Jewelry one. It doesn't say how to redeem it.

I'm using IE 6.0, XP, and DSL. UGH.
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Hello Hissy,

The page opens quickly and all images are wonderful. I am operating Windows98SE, my ISP is AOL9.0 with Cable DSL and Internet Explorer 6.0. I also tested it on Netscape 6.0 and it also wotks quickly and shows all images. I particularly enjoyed the last coupon on the bottom right of page 1.

And to Lorie D and her pretty Snowball page....your Snowball is a beauty and the add to the right of her is also a beauty!!!

Hissy, I believe that those that cannot see it may need to empty their cache...delete all off line content and reboot. The new aol9.0 also has some options that may be checked not allowing photos to be viewed on visited sites. It would be intersting to see if it is AOL members that are having problems.
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Dave!!! How ya doing!
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I'm not sure if I'm seeing what I'm supposed to be seeing or not...there are squares with directions on how to claim the coupons, but it doesn't tell me what the coupons are actually for. I have Windows Me Millinueum addition but need to update it so that may be why. I use dial up too.

Just went back a few pages and saw what some of you had posted that you were seeing. (that you had copied from the page) I'm not seeing any pictures or anything like what you posted.
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Works fine for me too. I'm using XP & IE if that helps any. I also gave DSL internet.
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All of the coupons come up fine for me. I'm running Mozilla on a Debian Linux system.
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I LOOOOOVE the Eye Envy Coupon!
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I've done all that catnipetc thought of about rebooting, empting the cache and all of the offline items and still get the same message on the first coupon.

No I don't have AOL.
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File Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

That's what I get.

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Spotz- this was a holiday special ran last year at Christmas time.

I should have closed the thread after the coupons expired and forgot. Our current coupon page can be found in a link on our Cat Shop page here:

And now I will close this thread.
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