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unfriendly cat

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I have a 12 year old tortoiseshell cat.She loves people but is a real bully to my other cats.Five of my other cats are big enough to fend for themselves so her behaviour does not worry me too much.I have just got 2 eight week old kittens and Phyllis(the bully) hates them.Last night she managed to swipe at one of them and cut the kittens head.Phyllis lives upstairs,it is her territory.She sleeps,eats,drinks and has her litter tray upstairs.She gets very annoyed if the other cats come up the stairs so they usually sneak up when she is asleep.The kitten that got cut went upstairs and was set upon.What can I do to encourage friendliness?At night the kittens(Meep and Fweep) sleep in a big cage in my room so that they are safe,but where Phyllis can see and smell them.During the day Phyllis stays upstairs and the kittens come downstairs.
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You should allow the other cats time to get used to newcomers, even kittens. Separating them at first, especially if the kittens have not been vet checked, is always a good idea. Letting them have time to acclimate to the new smells by swapping blankets or beds, doing rub downs with towels etc- will always ease the introductory period.

here is an article about Introductions:I'd like you to meet...
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I got Daisey a little sister almost 2 months ago called Blossom....Daisey hated her literally on sight...she misses nothing and spotted her instantly when we brought Blossom home. I was in a right state for thinking that I had made a huge mistake...but on the 3rd day....I got Daisey's favorite toy - little stick with tassels on the end - and got them in the same room...I made apoint of playing with them both...even though Daisey was hissing but not attacking. I found that doing this a few times a day for the first week that Daisey came round very quickly. They are now inseparable and I'm now just forgotten about lol
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