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Hope they keep getting along

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Here was the situation. Liberty Belle was 1 year old when I brought home 6 year old Freedom Belle. There was hissing, chasing, jealousy. After several months they just ignored each other, but had an occasional chase and swat session. Just this past 2 weeks I have seen things I never saw before in the past 14 months of them living together. They now sleep in the same bed rather we are in it or not, of course way at opposite ends. The other night I could not find Freedom, I knew Liberty was on my bed...well, I found Freedom sleeping in a basket in the opened closet not far from where Liberty was, they could see each other, well the good thing is it seems like they want to be in the same room lately....there may be hope that they like each others company after all???? I hope this just keeps getting better.
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Woohoo! Progress! I'm sure that it'll keep getting better and better.
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I have had previous experience with cats who had the same type of behavior at first, and yes, it does keep getting better!!!!
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awww...kitties are so funny that way! i'm so glad that they're starting to accept and maybe *gasp* love each other.

by the way, i LOVE your kitties' names; they're so cute!!
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Thank you....Liberty because I got her on 9/11, my birthday, and we all know what happened that day. And Freedom, because I freed her, she was destined to be put to sleep.
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That's good to hear. It gives me hope for my sister's kitties. She got a new kitten (Onyx) in the summer and he doesn't get along very well with the older female cat, Jess. Onyx always wants to fight and Jess hates that, so I'm hoping to see that change too.
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Looking good so far in the progress department. Hope it continues.

It took my two a few months to settle in together. There is the occassional swat and chase still going on but its rare now. They share the same room and the same bed (at opposite ends still).

I'm just glad they've settled in.

Good Luck.
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Hope they keep it up!
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