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Remember Me???

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Hi Guys!!!

I havent been able to get on the internet for weeks!

Well, Fleur had her Kittens on the 15th Oct
6- 5 black and white and one (girl) all black- Dont know if i already told you that.

Well- Sadly number 1 died on day 2
BUT- all the others are fine! Eyes now open and started toddling about and, i think, playing! Fleurs being a great Mum! I'll get some piccys up soon!!

Theyre soooooooooo gorgeous! I told myself i wouldnt get attached but im gonna be gutted when they go!

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kittens are so much fun, so cute and entertaining!!! Welcome back.
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Welcome Back! Wondered how you and the kitties were! Look forward to seing pics!

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Theyre looking quite persian like! very weird! little squidged noses! he he!! Sooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Theyre named- number 2, number 3, number4, number5 and yep, youve guessed it- number 6! The thought was that we wouldnt get attached with names like these but i an very much attached!!

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Funny, my cat had kittens 13 years ago{bless her heart, she is in heaven now}, and we still have pictures, and I remember their names and what they looked like. There was: Yoda, Yipes, Bob, Tupperware,and Warlock. Take pictures, because years from now you will remember, and I still look at the photos from time to time.
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Welcome back! I've been wondering how the kittens were doing! Got pictures? I'd love to see them! Sorry to hear that one didn't make it. I used to breed Samoyed's and I know how hard it is not to get attached. Impossible!
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Welcome back.

Sorry to hear about the one kitten who died, But glad to hear the rest are doing good.

R.I.P. little kitty.
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