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Dear Rene :angel2:

I couldn't help but see your posting and I just wanted to thank you for your compliments. I would have to say that I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels the same way about you... :

Thanks again for remembering my baby! Kadaffi : I shall never forget how you comforted me...and even cried with me...you are quite a compassionate lady! :angel2:

Love &
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Dearest Lil' Sis :angel2:

It's great to have wonderful friends within the site, however; I do believe you and I became very close early on... :angel2: I guess that's where the term of endearment "lil sis" was born! :laughing:
Although, if I did have a little sister, I could only hope she be as kindhearted & loving.

Oh, and I love the compliment you gave Philip! It's the truth too!!!! :laughing2 :LOL::LOL: Who said the truth hurt!!????
Most importantly, Philip has a heart of Gold!

Love & :angel2:,
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And you also have a heart of gold....maybe that's why you both hit it off so well!!! (ps....I would love to talk to you on the phone again sometime!)
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Dear TipTop(Phil); One quick question: Does your friend Jeremy Freeman have a father or maybe an uncle who was a "builder"/"trainer" on the circuit in the mid to late 70's? I knew this guy named Jay (or maybe Jim) Freeman from the upstate New York area who was a Middle-Heavy Weight class competetor around 1975-79. He was a very nice guy and definitely FINE to look at. I have always wondered what happened to him, and when you mentioned your friend, and the name was so close; it made me wonder. If the guy I knew is related to your friend; he would definitely remember my name. It would be great to get in touch with him again!

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Welcome Philip! Well, I must of slept thru all of that. I still don't know who you are but that's ok. I wouldn't know anyway. ha
My sport knowledge amounts to Michael Jordan (that was my first guess) and then Joe Montana and Jeff Gordon. Sorry man but a great big welcome anyway.

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Hanes-and let's just leave it at that. ha

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Heeeey...does anyone know if MJ has a cat?? We could start a whole new ballgame here..not sure I'd want to know what Dennis R would have for a cat though.
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KittyFoot; I don't know about MJ or Dennis Rodman, but I read an article in a magazine that said that SHAQ has three cats. They had pictures to back it up! Maybe we could ask him to join TheCatSite!!!!

Also, thanks Phil for getting back to me on this; I will be anxious to find out what your Dad or Jeremy has to say. . . . . . .

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If Rodman had a cat...I'll bet he would dye it green!!!
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