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Welcome Tiptop!

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saw you in the piercings & tattoo thread. Sorry that you got a bad vibe from the one thread.

welcome to our little community. I think once you get to know Donna you'll find that she's not just that one post that you read.

Let's get off to the right foot here. where are you from?

please tell us about your furbabies!!!!!!! :angel2: :angel2: :angel2:

how many and what are their names? we would love to see pics.

and again welcome!!!!!

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Ditto, TipTop.

Welcome. Hang out and get to know us. We're a pretty friendly group. We have our moments sometimes, but.... it all seems to work out in the end.
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Welcome Phillip!

I told Deb thats who I thought you were, not sure why, just a feeling.

Its good to have you here and I hope you enjoy your time with us.

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I have to admit that I knew that's who you were after your 2nd post & you said you were an athlete.

It was obvious by your first post that you knew Catarina and felt very protective of her, and the rest fell into place.....

sorry it was a negative thing that drew you out but we're glad to have you & hope you'll stick around.

do you have any cats?
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Welcome Tiptop!

I suspected as much too Especially when you mentioned how good Cat looks We've seen pics but you sounded too conviced
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Nuts......I thought we had Michael Jordan!!!!:LOL: Just Kidding Phil.

I'm pleased to see you step up for your lady. You definitely have a keeper there and it looks like she found a good man. Welcome for sure.
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I must have missed this part of the "Tattoos and Piercings" thread. I saw the picture of the tattooed lady and thought it was very artistic!

Welcome, TipTop, from old TLK!
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what a rotten thing for your ex-step mother to do! HOw did you end up back in touch with her after all these years?

where you live now are you not able to keep pets?
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Yes welcome - you will love it here.
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[color=royal blue]

My Dearest Philip

I just came on this thread and am crying my eyes out because I wish I could be with you right now. I have to apologize for snapping at you. I do realize how much you love me and I am so grateful for that. I guess your protection of me was greater than putting yourself at risk and I can't imagine a greater love. I am such a mushball right now..sorry...

Thank you for loving me darling, soon we will be together and we'll have a huge kittycat family...I never knew about Spook and I'm sorry You are so sensitive and I feel like sending your stepmonster to Australia.

I also want everyone to know how much I love Philip and I didn't know about this yesterday until later in the evening. I was angry. Then I realized this is what love is. Standing up for each other at all costs. He is an honest, kindhearted, loving gentlemen and I have never had the opportunity to be blessed with such a wonderful man. I thank God each day.:angel2:

I also want to thank all for extending your warmest welcome's and kindness to Philip. I think you can see he is a quiet giant with a heart to match.

I love you Philip, we'll talk more later baby xoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxox

Love & God Bless All [/color]
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Way to go you two. You will make an absoloutely wonderful couple. Very Best from "the Other Couple".
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Darn it! Cat...



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Love, & [/color]
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Congratulations to you both Cat! Long distance relationships are rough! (Craig and I were long distance for a year!! and we met over the internet just like you two!!!) But if you two really love eachother and communicate well then thats all that matters.. and things will fall into place! I am very happy for you guys! :excited:

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Philip, welcome to The Cat Site! I'm glad to meet you and to know you're Catarina's "significant other." I used to be the 98-pound weakling who had sand kicked in his face (and neither Charles Atlas nor Joe Palooka ever happened by) but now I'm the 175-pound slob who gets tired walking up a flight of stairs. It's good to know somebody out there is actually in shape!

I sure hope you and Catarina can soon be together. Something tells me we won't be hearing quite as much from either of you when that day comes, but no matter: You'll both be happy!

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:laughing: HI JOE!:angel2:

You're so funny! :LOL::laughing: Joe, is Bend, Oregon near where you live? If so...how close I'll let Philip answer the why's of that question if he so chooses...I don't think it's my place

You're hardly a slob...don't say that please...

Have a great day

Love & [/color]
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Hey, I'm glad SOMEBODY thinks I'm funny! My recent attempts at humor on other threads have totally flopped!


Bend, Oregon, is (if memory serves) about a three-hour drive from here. And, since I've no motor vehicle, it's a moot point anyway. In a straight line on a flat map, Bend is about 135 miles away. However, one must drive in not-so-straight lines; plus, there's the up-and-down phenomenon of crossing the Cascade mountains.


P.S.: If I start walking now, I could be at Bend in about a month.
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Dear Joe
Hmmmmmm?????? I think your pretty funny Joe! :laughing2 :laughing2...I guess my humor must be droll!!!

I think not!! :laughing2...

By the way.......that's really not far from you at all!

Hey :confused3 I wonder where my Man's at today!???

Later Rodney...I mean Joe
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Does that mean Catarina will be moving to bend with you?!?

I too live in Portland!! It's a great place, and bend is absolutely
beautiful.:flower: Very country, lots of land. It gets
really really cold there in the winter and really really hot there
in the Summer!! That's what you get with the desert.

What a fabulous place to be!! Glad you finally joined the
community here. I have been following your posts for a few days now
and for the most part am getting a kick out of your presence here.
Hope you stay for a while!
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I'm also here in Portland, about 5 mins from Mr Cat, and 20 from Swalker

Just wanted to add another friendly Oregon Welcome!

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[color=sky blue]

Hi Everyone

OMG!!! Now I'm definitely excited!!! I can go on, but..I think I'm going to p*** all over myself! :laughing2....I love this...Wow!

Honey, look...see how many people we'll have up there already! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!

Love & [/color]
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Philip, I'm very glad to hear you (plural?) are moving to Bend! Thank you so much for wanting to help me with a car, but I must decline your hospitable offer. I live on the dole and could not afford the ridiculously-high insurance required here (even though I've a clean record) — not to mention car payments, fuel costs, trips to the mechanic, et cetera. But I do thank you for thinking of me!

Actually, I get around just fine on the mass-transit system here. In the event, I hope you (and Catarina?) will pay "us" a visit!

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I feel so lucky to be part of this
Oregon group right about now.

We need to all get together and meet one another.
I don't see as if we have any excuses no too :LOL:
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Hey, Hissy, what became of that get-together you'd proposed for us Oregon types?

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Hissy... we talked about it before. We should all meet
we live to close to one another. Especially with Catarina and
Phil here in Bend!!

Yahoo... it can be a catsite party
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A get together sounds like a great idea!

I'll pass on the car also, but a little advice on the training program that I never seem to follow through with (ok, start) would be great!
Went to MaxMuscle yesterday and picked up the latest issue of MS&F for inspiration, we'll see if it helps.

Hey TIPTOP...what do you think of Eddie Moyzan? After reading the article on him, and looking at his pics, I think he may just "be someone" if he goes pro.

Ok, maybe I'll pry myself away from the site and do some crunches. (yeah, right) :

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Eddie Moyzan took 3rd in the Super Heavyweight division at the Nationals in 2000.
He's monstrous, in my opinion, at 5'10" and 240-245 lbs he can single squat 800 lbs, and hit 585 on the Incline Bench (single)!

He's no Ronnie Coleman, but I think he might be getting close.

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I know I am late in my welcome, but I am not always on the site because of my rescue work. Just wanted to say I remember "meeting" Catarina when she was losing her Kadafi (spelled right I hope. And then when I lost my Chloe and then Phoebe, she was so sweet to me. I think you are lucky and have a beautiful, gentle soul (with artistic taste too). And she is also lucky to have someone be so protective so quickly. But know that none of us really means to hurt anyone else on this site as we all have a common bond - the love of cats. We are all at different levels of experience and knowledge, but most people on this site are sincere in their love of felines.
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Phillip......sorry I am also late to replying to this post!!!! If you and Cat hook up...you will be my brother-in-law!!!!!!!
I Love catarina so much....she is such a good person, and a good Christian....we don't always see eye to eye on every issue....like eating beef and pork for example, but we still respect each other very much, and I her to death!!!!!!!
She has always said such wonderful things about you...and you are not hard on the eyes at all!!
Glad you have joined us!!! Glad you are so good to my big sis!
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