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Time for a New Friend ?

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Almost 2 months ago my Toby cat died he was approx 16-17 years old - his brother Lucky was terribly lost without him, but seems to have picked up of late and is almost back to being himself.

So Joe and I have been thinking that it might be time to introduce a new cat as companion for Lucky and of course for ourselves. I know the techniques for introducing new cats is talked about a lot here and I've reviewed all the articles - I'm just looking for some personal opnions/advice about selecting a new friend for Lucky.

We're looking at grown cats because we think that might be a better match for Lucky who is a senior himself. We've seen a number of senior cats (13+) who need good homes, but my husband thinks that it might make sense though to go for an adult cat (6+) who might bring out Lucky's playful side.

We're also trying to decide whether it will make any difference having a male v's a female ?

There seem to be a number of cats that are identified by the shelters as being "good" with other cats which will hopefully make an introduction a bit easier. I have no idea how Lucky will behave with a new cat. Typically he's a little skittish with new people, but I've never seen him around other cats, other than at the cat rescue when I got him. At the rescue he was in a cage with his brother and 2 other cats and seemed very relaxed.

So any thoughts/ideas/comments would be most welcome - thanks
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I think an adult cat (6+) might actually be a good idea...I think that playing is one of the most important ways for cats to bond...my cats bonded quickly from playing so much...even though Daisey hated Blossom on sight!! I'm sure there are loads of older cats who are good natured and playful at most of the shelters. I don't think it makes a difference either way if you get a male or female. Both mine are girls and no problems at all.

oh...the pic above was taken like 4 days after we got Blossom....totally shocked me when I walked in and found them like that...even though it took Daisey another week to stop hissing!!

Let me know how it goes

Mummy of 2
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A 6+ year old cat might be a good idea though if you want to rescue a 13+ year old cat that'll be good to.

I've read somewhere but I forgot where that usually one of each is the next best combo though though there are always exceptions to the rule.

Please keep us informed on how it goes.
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Thanks for the advice -- great point about playing, helping cats to bond, I can see that would be true.

By the way the pic of Blosson and Daisey is adorable I can only hope that Lucky's new friend will bond with him that way.

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The ASPCA is sponsoring adopt a senior pet month this month!!

My friend brought in a 2 year old with her senior and the older boy didn't appreciate the play in the younger. She ended up with 2 more kittens as companions for the 2 year old, which then in turn left her senior alone.

I think an older, more settled in cat would be the right choice for your senior baby. If his last companion was a male, perhaps another male would have a better chance with your senior. I only speculate that the same sex that they are familiar with might be an easier transition for your senior.
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Adopt a senior month -- then I guess I'll just have to do that ! Helps me with some of the decisions...

Lucky just loves to sleep and be cuddled. Every now and then he beats the heck out of the catnip-mouse, but pretty much the rest of the time he's sleeping or looking for somewhere warm and comfortable to go to sleep I don't want to overwhelm him with someone too energetic.

My husband is worried that Lucky won't like a new friend at all regardless of age/sex and dispositiong. But I know Lucky wasn't this docile when we had Toby, he followed Toby's lead and was much more active, so the more I think about it the more I think I need to get a more active (but adult/senior) friend for him to play with every now and then.

I only hope that it all works out ! Thanks again for the ideas
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I'm so glad you're thinking of adopting a senior cat. I think shelters have a harder time adopting out seniors. I suppose most people want a pet that will be around longer...

I hope the introduction goes well. How exciting to be getting another cat!!
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