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New member from Africa!

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Hi everyone. I am so glad to have found this great site and have already had some wonderful advice about grooming my beloved black doll-faced persian, Psyche.

We live in Zambia and I think she suffers a little from the heat here- she loves lying in front of the fan, and definitely prefers winter.

I am thrilled to find a place where i can be a "cat bore". and love the stories about everyone's amazing felines.

Psyche is a real little "madam" who rules my life and gives me an enormous amount of pleasure, unfortunately she DOESN'T like other cats and really picks her humans carefully too.

2 a.m. is her favourite time for attention!

Looking forward to meeting you all.
You can own a dog but a cat owns you
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Welcome to this wonderful site of fun and info .
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Welcome! I love Doll-Face Persians and would love to see a photo! hint hint hint!!
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LOL...i second that! i love the old doll-faced persians! that's part of the reason i got a raggie is the sweet face i can't wait to see a picture of your baby!

welcome to TCS!
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I've never posted a pic before - hope this works from my imac!
Here is Psyche, she is spayed and 3 years old and the latest and only of a long line of Siamese and moggies going back through the years, so a persian is pretty new to me but i adore her.
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Sorry - that last pic wasn't such a great one - still learning. Here's another
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Oh she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitly look forward to getting to know you and Psyche....

Sam.(BTW, I breed Persians)
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yet another- in her favourite viewing position.
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OMG...she's beautiful!! i'm so jealous! i'm in the running for a third kitty, and now i'm torn between another raggie or a doll-face persian! LOL

thank you for sharing your photos of your BEAUTIFUL girl!
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Might as well go completely crazy, seeing as she's getting all these compliments (thanks you lot- she's purring on the back of my chair as I type!)

This is the last digital one i have .
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:flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash: Psyche has such a sweet face, what a cutie!
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OMG she is so pretty , thank you for sharing the pics with us
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Welcome to the site! Psyche is just BEAUTFUL!!!! And what a gorgeous view she has from that window! On this site there is no such thing as a cat bore, just cat lovers who love to talk about their kitties.
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She is beautiful! I love old fashioned cat types... doll face, appleheads. welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to The Cat Site. Psyche is beautiful, thanks for posting her pictures.
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Hello I can understand about the heat...We don't have winters here so my kitties stay infront of the fan throughout the year
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She looks a bit like my little Punky.

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Hi and welcome to TCS!!

She's a beautiful gal.
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Thanks Raggiemom, Mary Anne, Sue, Sam. superkitty. Hedi, Harrythecat, greycat2,caterpillar, yayi, and rfox.

What a great welcome for Psyche and I. I really love this forum - everyone is totally cat crazy just like me! I looked at and admired all your kitties' photos and you all have some really gorgeous babies - notably Ginger and Marquise, Sasha, lovely big boy Harry, Kayla, Kuce, Punky (yes! a definate resemblance with the sweet face and round eyes!) and the handsome Trent.

Totally fallen in love with Sam's little pumpkin Yogi (check it out at fur pictures under 'some new pics!') who is as cute as a button.

It is just so great to get my daily cat-fix at such a great site.

Many thanks.
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welcome aboard, this is a great site with people who loves kitties as much as everyone else, a great place to be.
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Hiand WElCOME to TCS. I must say that I your purrbaby: Please add her beautiful picture in the black kitties thread, She is a doll!

I just have a real soft spot for black kitties
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Hi and Welcome!!

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