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Hi everybody!

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I'm new here, just thought I would introduce myself.
I'm not a cat owner, just a cat lover. I would have one, but my fiance is allergic :-(
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Hi and Welcome!

Sad that you can't have a cat, but you can live vicariously through us! :laughing2: Lord knows we have enough between us!

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Welcome, I'm sorta new too. I had 2 cats until today when I adopted Toby from the shelter. He's 15 months old. I have Salem (17 yrs) and Smoky (12 wks)
It's alot of fun here.
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Hello WashuSama...

I'm also new here...Welcome to us
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Welcome! Sorry about your fiance's allergies. I know how difficult the can be. My mother was deathly allergic (I'm not exaggerating, she almost died from it) when I was growing up. I never got to have an indoor animal. When we moved to Texas when I was 12, I finally got to have an outdoor dog. Thought I was in heaven. Even now I feel bad having the cats in the house because of her allergies. There's just not much her allergist can do for her at this point. (But I still have the animals!)
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