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Funny litterbox behavior

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The last few nights, Simba has started doing something funny. I'm not yet sure if its funny-odd or just funny-humourous.

He generally uses the litterbox once in the middle of the night. Two nights ago I woke up because he was meowing. Not like he was in distress, not particularly loud, just a steady stream of quiet, calm, short meows. Well, I thought maybe he had managed to shut himself in the bathroom - he likes to snoop behind the door in there - but no Simba. I finally found him in the litterbox, meowing. When he saw me he finished up and got out.

I was worried that maybe he was having a painful bowel movement, so when it happened again last night, I checked the box, and he had only urinated. And it doesn't sound like he's in any pain, and nothing seems out of the ordinary in the litterbox. It just seems like he wants me to get up and be in there with him. He goes in the litterbox during the day without the meowing, he's only meowing at night.

Maybe he's scared of the dark? I have a nightlight in there for him.

I don't think this is a problem, just thought it was funny!
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He could be trying to tell you something besides what you think. Is he pooping as well as peeing? I would watch him for a few days, he might be blocked in some capacity. Most cats do not like audiences when they are using the pan, it makes them vulnerable to attack.
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He seems to be pooping just fine, and no change in consistency, etc.
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