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Some new pics!

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Hi Guys. I haven't posted pictures in AGES so I thought I'd treat you all today!
I have 24 so bear with me while I get them all up!

The first ones are of Preggy Girl, Sophie!

Here's Sophie winking

More of My gang coming up......
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Sophie, again...

and here's the little escapee, all safe and sound!

I call Yogi my little pumpkin, heehee, he always does the same pose in photos!

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Here's Elmo posing...

I love this last one!
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And some more of Elmo!

and whats cats obsessions with excersise equipments anyway??

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Loonie... Isn't she gorgeous? She's my soulmate!

and heehee a closeup!

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and this one aint very good, because I took it through glass! But it's Soul my big bupbup!

and pregger girl two, Holly!

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They are just so Beautiful!!!!! and I love your Shepard!!!
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Holly looks cross eyed in this!

and here's Woopi a cat we have staying with us at the moment...

That's all for today!

Have a nice day! Sam.
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Originally posted by WillowsMom
They are just so Beautiful!!!!! and I love your Shepard!!!
Thanks hun!
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Sam... All of your babies are very precious.... Including Mamas to be, Hollie and Sophie

P.S. Give Yogi scritches for me and tell him to stay put
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All of your purrbabies and your Shephard are gorgeous: I love Elmo's tongue
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oh wooowwwweeeee!

All looking gorgeous as ever! I looooooove Sophie and Elmo

Where's Benja? ME WANT BENJA!!!!

I posted some pics of my lot, under tayo and the crew, but pics didnt come out too well
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Sam, your cats are all so gorgeous! And it's so fun seeing all of the pictures. I love your dog, too - I have 2 big dogs also.
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Yogi is about the cutest little guy I've seen in a long time. He's really unique looking. Of course, in my opinion, Holly is absolutely beautiful as well. I think all of your cats are beautiful, but those two stand out to me.
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Yogi is adorable ! I'm still so relieved he's back with you...the others are so cute too, one dog and a LOT of kitties - great family.
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Beautiful kitties!
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Wow - what a scrumptious bevy of beauties (including the GSD) and what poseurs - great camera work!
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Sandra- I'll definitly give yogi scritches from you. It was so funny last night he was all snuggled up next to me and I didn't know what he was so I pushed him off the bed and I woke up this morning and he was asleep in my bedside drawer, which is only cm's from my face, I thought that was so sweet!

Holly & Sophie both have less than a month till they are nursing.They are both maiden queens so we don't really know what to expect. Nana has about 5 litters due this month and december as well.. So photos will be aplenty.

Thanks Sanda & Cathi

Jasmine, I couldn't take any of Benja yesterday because my step sister Kelly was asleep in the room and I didn't want to barge in there with a camera But next time I can go in there, I'll try and take some pictures for you. Thanks BTW!

Thanks Suzy!

Hope- Yogi was my 8th birthday present. Nana had been done to Christchurch in Feb.(My Birthdays in March) and had chosen a kitty for me, I didn't know what to expect... but I got him he was so special and he was so tiny, he gets really grubby eyes, but he's a gem and he's my baby!! He's the oldest kitty we have at the moment too. Thanks Hope!

Thanks Tobycat and Superkitty!

Thanks alot Buzzy. I look forward to seeing more pics of Pysche. Enjoy your stay here too.

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Elmo...I am in love
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Oh they are all soooo beautiful!!!
I like the ones with Elmo sticking
his tounge way out lol
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Sam I love your kitties! I love when you post pics, I think all of your gals and guys are just too adorable for words! The expressions they have are priceless, and Yogi is indeed a cutie and I'm so glad he came back.

Soul is gorgeous too!

to all of them!
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Sam, I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of persians.. I never disliked them, but I wasn't a real big fan of them, but looking at all of yours has made them grow on me, and I want one now! LOL!

I have list..

I want a perisan, a russian blue, and a bengal.

I need a few hundred mansions so I can just give it to all the cats in the world who need homes!

Your babies are goregeous Sam, and Soul is SOOO dang pretty!
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Aw Sam . . . all cats are brilliant but Persians are just the best!!!!

Yogi is such a handsome little chap - I can see why you were distraught when he went AWOL.

But I've never seen shorthaired Persians like the ones you have. My 2 are longhaired, and all the ones I've ever seen at breeders or at rescue centres are longhaired.

Are the shorthaired ones actually Persians or are they a cross?

Thanks for the piccies!!!
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Awwwww. You guys make me SO Happy! Thanks for all the sweet comments!

Thanks Stardust and Caprice. Elmo always sticks his tounge out when he's happy- he's such a cutie!

Thanks Sunni Jean! All your comments are the sweetest! Hugs from my bunch to yours!

Cass... Thanks so much. My kitties seem to grow on lots of people.. they have the magick touck heehe! I must admit when I was younger(ohh and BTW we have owned cats every day of my life) about six I didn't really like cats because they used to sit on MY onion plants long story, but over the years they have grown on my so much and I'd be lost without my little Sophie and Holly and the rest of my bubbas!

Hey Yola! Exotics about 50 years ago, were the mating of a Persian and a Domestic Shorthair but then people started mating them with British SH's and Burmese and then back to persians to keep the type. Now only exotics are accepted if they are from persians or exotics. In a way they are a cross.. but now have their own breed status. They are nothing different than persians, and as you can see from Holly & Sophie who are sisters, they can look totally different. Exotics are fondly known as "Persians in Mini skirts"

Thanks again everyone, I'm planning on taking more pics tomorrow!
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