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Happy Halloween! What did you dress up as?

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Happy Halloween to you all!
Here I am as a Pink Lady from Grease! What did you dress up as?
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What a great costume Anne!!

I didn't dress up this year since I knew I was spending the evening at home. But we do have offers tomorrow night, so maybe I'll pull out the ol' standby of the dead bride.

My husband went as Silent Bob. He's got the beard and the build, so all he has to do is wear his trench coat and a baseball cap on backward. Oohaa-la - instant costume!
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Since I had to work I spent my halloween in my costume of me on my day off hehehe wearing nast ratty clothes and slippers.....hey just means I got out of my work uniform and got to be comfy!!
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Didn't dress up for anything! But your costume looks great.
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We just got back from a really cool party. Insane is a good word.. lol. GLOWFEST! A friend of ours from the dance ballroom throws this party every year. The whole place is lit up by black lights and everyone gets drunk and shoots silly string at each other and throws glowpaint on everyone I am covered in the stuff.

But guess what! We won the costume contest.. $100 !!

A view from above

Random people

Theres more pictures.. of a few people in costumes but they probly arent appropriate for this site as some are showing a bit of skin
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I'll post, as soon as I get the pix developed. Need to finish off the roll. Bill won't use my digital, son no pix yet. I took a picture of one of my co-workers. Her costume was priceless! She said that it was OK to share it, as long as I make a print for her.
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OMG Awesome costumes! You guys did a great job on the costumes.
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wow, that looks like a great party!

Ummm, you guys look really scary! Good job!
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It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! I love your costume.
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That is awesome!!!!! You guys look scary!!!!!! I am glad that you had a lot of fun and congrats on winning $100!
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ROTFL!!! OMG, Sicy you guys look freakin' hilarious!! Congrats on winning the contest! Although, you may need to spend some of that prize money to get the glow paint out of your hair, LOL!

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That's a fantastic job the two of you did on your make up. You look sufficiantly ghoulish. I love that screwdriver coming out of his head. I can see why you won the contest.
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I merged Sicy's thread with the Loubelia started last night.
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Thanks Heidi sorry I didnt see Loubelia's thread!

I didnt take any pics when we were all full of paint ( I dunno why ) but it was just nuts!! Completely covered from head to toe in multicolored glowpaint As soon as we came home I'm like 'OK! Clothes off before the cats start head bonking us! '
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Sicy!! Ya look incredibly scary and wicked with the knife scene! Yikes don't want to see you in an alley!!! Lou!!! you look so cute as a Grease character!!!

Love the hippies!
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I freaked my mom out when I sent her these pics LMAO!!
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We went to a party dressed as Batman and (appropraitely) catwoman! LOL! It was fun, I had to work all Halloween, 13 hours! UGH! but last night was fun! My cats didnt' know what to think when I had the full costume on, I even made my friends cat shy away from me and she loves me! but as soon as all the costumes hair, and masks came off the kitties were fine!
Heck I even pumped gas in full costume, and noone even questioned me. No weird looks, nothing. It's strange how society has become immune to strange things ya know?
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Those are fabulous costumes and the party looked like fun too!! I went to a concert called Freaker's Ball the night before and dressed up like an 80's punk rocker. I love Halloween!!
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