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A strange question for my sister

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Well, this is kind of a weird question, I didn´t know if it should be in the Health forum, its not really a health question....

Well, anyway...

My sister heard a crying kitten outside her window a few days ago a let it in. Since then the kitty has been there, purring like crazy and cuddling. My sister has tried to let her go out, in case she lived nearby, but she wont go out but a few moments at the time. There is noone that has reported her missing, either at the shelter or the vet, or in the newspaper, but she is obviously a kitten that has been loved and cuddled. My sister thought she´d wait a while and then put an ad with a pic in the paper. She has allready given the details to the shelter and the vet. She can´t really keep her any longer since she is very allergic to cats (and pollen and all that allergy stuff), and doesn´t want to take any bigger dose of anti allergic pills than usual, since she is pregnant.

Well, there is a point, and I am getting to it

Today, the kitty went out and this time stayed for a while. When she came back in, she was very wet on her inner tail and on her feets behind and this wet thing smelled terribly, not like no.2, but like the smell at the waiting room at the vet clinic at the end of the day when a lot of dogs and cats have been there, only more strong and kind of biting the nose. I didn´t smell this myself, but thats how she described it to me. My sister tried to wash the kitty, and stroke her with a wet towel, but didn´t seem to get the smell off. The kitty also seemed to be desperately trying to clean itself. This wet thing was like colourless, at least allmost colourless and very thin.

Does this ring any bells? Please let me know if you know what this could be!
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I'm baffled, but I would definitely take this baby to the vet. I couldn't quite follow what was happening, but again, a vet would be a very good idea.
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I just wanted to post an update on the little lost kitty...hey, I even have a pic of her, I´ll include it.

Has anyone heard of a thing like I described earlyer?

At that time she was doing her things in the litter and did not have diarhea, but a couple of days later she had, I don´t know if that is related.

My sister admitted that even though she is allergic, and the kitty has now been there about 10 days, she was hesitating to put an ad in the paper for 2 reasons. In this time she has become very fond of the kitty, and was afraid that the owner (who does not appear to have reported her missing, and thus maybe not very caring...) might not meet her standards of someone who deserves to have her, so most of all she wanted her inlaws to take her (the kitty, that is, and they have semi agreed to do that if noone claims her). And she was also afraid that someone would answer her ad, and not be the real owners, and maby not treat her well...

Well, to do things right, she finally today put an ad with a pic in the paper today, that will appear on thursday, and then of course, she hasn´t seen the kitty since noon! She has never been gone so long, and hopefully she is home with her folks and everyone is happy, but my sister is still very worried, since she feels the kitty is now her responsability, and she cant know for sure if she is home safe...

Well, just in case you were interested in an update...sorry it was such a long update
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Hmmm, I don't know what would thoroughly wet the cat. The only smell I can think of would be the anal glands, but they don't usually thoroughly wet the cat.

She's a pretty little thing. Thank your sister for caring so much.
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