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Shark Liver Oil??

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So Gus was supposed to have his second chemo today but was unable to because his white blood count is too low. I am supposed to take him back Tuesday to redo the bloodwork and hopefully the count will be up enough to do the chemo. My question is: i was searching for a natural method of boosting the immune system and came up with Shark Liver Oil. Has anyone used this, either for your pets or yourself? I imagine it's very expensive, but I've spent so much on him so far what's a few more bucks!
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So sorry to hear about Gus. Hopefully he will be better on Tuesday.
I can understand the love you have for Gus that you are willing to spend so much for his health. So I am hesitant to ask you to reconsider not getting shark liver oil.
Products such as this one, promote the torture, maiming and slaughter of sharks. I feel strong about this because as a scuba diver I have seen the terrible way these wonderful creatures are caught and killed (mostly very slowly).
I am not very good in expressing myself so I end this by quoting the words about animal conservation : WHEN THE BUYING STOPS, SO WILL THE KILLING.
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Thank you, you're right, my husband ripped me a new one for even considering it. We are both big animal lovers (me a vegetarian who can't even kill a spider) so I don't know what I was thinking other than helplessness at Gus's situation. I am researching other herbal options and hopefully will come up with a more ethical option.
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GM- when my horse was really ill and fighting for his life, I was given a list of about 15 things to mix together to help boost his immune system. I was skeptical, it was all natural herbs and stuff, but the conventional vets were telling me they did their best and Race would never be 100% again. Well, they were wrong and the stuff worked, and none of it was shark liver oil. Perhaps if you have a knowledgeable person at a local health food store they might be able to help you the same way?
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Scary isn't it! I have a friend who is really into holistic medicine, she has Crohn's Disease and won't even see a modern doctor, only a homeopathic and she swears by it.. eat a few plants, get a whole lot better. A much better choice than synthetic man made chemicals.
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