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Mentos Getting Sicker

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I don't know how many of you follow my threads, but Mentos has been vomitting for 2 months now, nearly daily. He was active and alert the first month, and was still begging for food. Lately, he has lost about 1 - 2lbs, and is no longer begging for food. He has been really lazy, and I'm really heart broken.

Blood works and x-rays show nothing more than a slight decrease in protein levels. The Vet said had Mentos not been vomitting, it probably wouldn't even be noted as a concern.

What can it be? Bloodworks rule out any type of kidney or liver problems right? X-ray will rule out any type of inflammation or blockages.

What is going on??? He is only 4, and has been strictly indoors. Can it be leukemia? Chronic gastritis? What do I do from here????

It's really breaking my heart, please help.

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I'm so sorry about Mentos. What food are you feeding him? Maybe you should just go all out with the tests.. test for everything.

I had a cat (over the bridge) that was diagnosed with IBD through an endoscopy. Maybe that's something you might want to consider. I dont really know what else it could be.
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I am so sorry they cannot determine the cause.

Here is a webpage for you. Dr. Mike is really a nice guy and he is very thorough- maybe in some of the posts you can find a direction to go?

Chronic Vomiting
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my food trials got mushed up.... he has the option of

Science Diet Light
Science Diet I/D (intestinal diet)
Nutro Max

He won't even touch the Nutro Max now, he would put it in his mouth, and spit it right out.

ihave all 3 mixed together, cuz in a matter of several weeks I've bought 4 different kinds of food. I've since not fed him Purina Indoors at all.

I have been giving him canned food most of the time now since he isn't eating much, I give him whatever he wants. He likes to lick the juice of the canned food, but doesn't realy eat that either.
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maybe you can seek another opinion, from a different clinic? poor mentos, he is such a sweet looking guy.
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I would seek another vet, a feline exclusive one if possible. How are his litter box habits - is he going to the bathroom OK? My cat had to have an ultrasound & a scope before anything was found. x-rays can't pick up soft tissue damage etc. Even something like a hairball won't always be visible on an x-ray. I've learned a lot about internal medicine the past 2 months, my cat has cancer. I would absolutely find another vet if you can't get anywhere with your current one.
Mentos is an adorable little guy, I hope you find some help for him.
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