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our D.T. for monday

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Happy monday!

the weekends are soooo short.

got caught in traffic heading back from Westpoint NY to Baltimore MD and it took me an hour to go a mile

but today is a brand new day! :flower: :flower:

I have a friend flying in to see me this weekend. Stevie Nicks is her ALL time favorite, so she's coming out to go to the concert & then she will get to meet her. She is REALLY excited & I'm really happy to be able to make this happen for her.

I just have to clean the house so I don't embarrass myself. Lord only knows where I will find the time before she gets here.

hope everyone has a beautiful day
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It is "just Monday" here. What can I say. I, too, feel the weekend is too short! I enjoy Sundays because I get to see Dorothy and baby Aidan. I really miss her since she moved out of the house. Also, on Sunday's everyone plays a few games of SCRABBLE or BOGGLE or "Millionaire" or "Jeopardy" with me (out of sympathy). The girls would rather be playing computer or PlayStation games, but on Sunday they "Humor" me. It is getting seasonably HOT here again and I don't do much of anything except in the early a.m. and after 9:00p.m. when it is not so HOT. I spend a lot of the HOT time reading.
I Hope this week is beneficial for all of you who work. I miss being "Useful" and contributing to the work force on a regular basis.

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I took the kids swimming at a friends pool today since the only thing you can do here outside in this heat is swim. I saw a sign on the way home that said the temp was 105 degrees. Ugh!

But the kids had fun swimming (they're 4 and 2) and now are sleeping it off. Hopefully they'll take looooonnnnngggg naps today.
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I thought I'd dabble in what it feels like to have a life over the weekend.

On Saturday, I saw Jerry Seinfeld in concert. I was laughing until my face hurt. One bit he had would have been perfect for some recently deleted threads. He said, "Ladies, realize that men suck in almost every phase of relationships, but with you in your super short skirts and Wonder bras, do you really think we need any help in the leering and gawking department?" I was in tears!

On Sunday, a good friend of mine treated me out to a dinner at literally the "best restaurant in town". It was delicious, luxurious, and expensive!!! Afterward, we got to tour the kitchen and part of their world-renowned wine cellar, which boasts a $10,000 bottle of wine that's on the menu. Next, they have a totally separate dessert room, which has some delicious creations, as well. I only sampled dessert, being totally full, but we're going to go back for dessert alone one night.

I'm back to my real non-life today. Went to school to begin the annual mammoth task of readying the classroom. Once again, the A/C is not working. Yuck. It will be a real chore to drag myself back in.
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was traffic due to the tunnel accident in Balt or just normal back to the city?

Weekends may be short, but they're neverending for me. That isn't good either. But today I volunteered to walk dogs at 4pm on Tues and Thurs at the shelter. They need someone on Fri and Sat too. I'll see how the dog walking goes first.
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Are you talking about Chalet Suzanne by any chance? My parents live in Lake Wales and I've always wanted to go the Chalet Suzanne when I visited.
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no it wasn't the tunnel traffic. it was on the NJ turnpike, and just normal (or abnormal) traffic.

it was so frustrating!!!!
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understand frustration, used to live in MD worked in DC ...daily jams!
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No, it was Bern's.
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Today is my 13th wedding anniversary - and I spent the bulk of it in an emergency appointment with my son's oral surgeon. (Who is very cute, very charming, and who told me twice I smelled good, so it wasn't all that bad truth be told *grin*)

Matt's cousin hit him in the face (accidently) with a baseball bat and fractured his jaw. Additionally he will lose 4 or 5 teeth. His face is bruised and horribly swollen, bless his heart. His left eye is swollen tightly closed. The oral surgeon wired his jaw to hold it together, but he is not shut so that he cannot slightly open his mouth and so we go forth on a new adventure. Matt was in in-office surgery for a little over 2 hours, and I am still shaking. God, I really picked a crummy week to quit smoking! *puff puff to the filter where I light another off the one I am just finishing*

My darling husband gave me free license on the credit card as an anniversary gift (yippee I can pay the oral surgeon now) and if I would have allowed, he would have also taken me to eat at my fav restaurant. After the events of the day, I preferred to stay in, slip into my fav leggings, oversized tee and bunny slippers, and make a big pot of chili.

I have only been more frightened than I was today one other time - and that was when Matt was 11 and he "ran away". Actually, he stole our camping gear, a loaf of bread, several cans of Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli and some Vienna sausages, took off with his bee-bee gun and pitched a camp in the woods nearby our home. He was gone for 3 days, 18 hours and 43 minutes and all I can say is I never want to be that frightened ever again. *shudder* When he finally walked in the door on that last day, I declare I didn't know whether to hug him or slap him so hard his grandchildren would feel it.

As my mom tells me, "Life is like driving over nails with your car. Yeah, you might keep moving forward for a while, but sooner or later, you're gonna come to a dead stop, and it will more than likely be in a bad part of town." I don't know why that came to my mind, it just did. *smile*

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Better days ahead.

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First of all.. Happy Anniversary Gaye!

Secondly.. its monday night 11 pm. I'm a little late on this thread. I don't work so the only difference in weekends and week days for me is that Craig doesn't have to work on weekends. I woke up this morning.. and started cleaning. Cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, organized and cleaned out cabinets, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Then I spent quality time with my cats.. and played with them for about an hour and a half. After that.. I made a few phone calls.. found out my credit report has to unpaid billings on it. One has been paid and we have the credit card statement to prove it. So, thats in dispute (sp). The other one I never recieved a bill for though they say it is from the hospital. So I called equifax and put in an investigation with that. They are having NCO Financial get back with me on the bill.. so that it can be paid. Then another new and revised copy of my credit report will be mailed to me. That was a very fun process of being on hold for about an hour, only to talk on the phone to the company for 10 - 15 minutes. Don't you love that?

Other than all this.. I took a short nap with Jake today. I was lying in bed reading "The Hobbit" when Jake crawled up and laid beside me.. purring and pressing his nose to mine. He feel asleep almost instantly and his purring had a sort of lullaby effect on me. The next thing I know.. Craig is waking me up saying "honey... I'm almost finished cooking dinner.. wake up and come eat." He even fixed my plate for me!

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