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Pet Stars

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Tonight on Pet Stars (Animal Planet) there will be a woman with her Snow Bengals doing agility. Might want to watch that one.
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Wow. I'll have to look out for that, in the future!
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I love that show.
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Oh, I wish I had cable. I'd love to be able to see it, but I don't have cable. I never get to see anything on Animal Planet. I sure miss it.
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Darn, I don't have cable anymore!! You'll have to tell us how it is!
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I'd love to see some snow Bangels. They are such beautiful creatures. Why can't animal planet be a regular broadcast channel?
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I saw it. What a gorgeous cat! I think all cats on Pet Star deserve a 10 just for being there.
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Those of you without cable, do you have friends or family that could tape for you? Also if anyone of them ask what you want for Christmas tell them you want tapes of Animal Planet shows! Great gift idea, huh? Or maybe right here we could start a tape it and send it on program?
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I don't know anyone who would tape it for me. But I'd sure love a tape.
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