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Toyger Cat

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There's a new breed of cat called the Toyger. They are so beautiful!

What is a Toyger?

The Toyger cat is a medium sized, short haired domestic cat reminescent of a toy tiger. Designed with a modern city life with humans in mind, it is an intellegent and willing companion animal, active and highly trainable. Color and markings are that of a satin toy while type suggests a big cat---long bodied and tailed, large boned and muscular, round ears, large chin-leading muzzle with broad nose tip. This cat will one day resemble a tiny, shiny toy tiger on leash or playing with the kids.

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Awesome looking cat!
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I saw some Toyger's at the TICA annual show in Green Bay (just a hop, skip and a jump away, why not go?), and these pictures, while nice, do not do them justice. The ones I saw were much more orange, and the tabby pattern was much better (more defined, unbroken black striping). The breeder I spoke to said they still had a long way to go in "confirmation" (the general look of a cat) though.
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Most beautiful ...

Exactly what is being bred to produce these markings? I have never seen them before. I am glad you posted here.

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I believe the Toyger is a cross between a Bengal and a domestic cat. I'll try to find some more info on them!
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Gosh! We don't need to make any more mutiltions.

It's just a bengal gone wrong in my opinion!

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I think if the breeders are working towards a new breed in an ethical way, ie. not using wild/ exotic cats, and there are no health problems associated with the breed....then er...why not?

All breeds somewhere along the line, were developed by outcrossing. i think though the problem lies where some people will fall for the novelty of it, get a kitten,and dump it when its grown

i think it looks beautiful
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Here is a link to a toyger site.
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I have seen these cats after reading about them in my TICA news letter. They are beautiful!!
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I am more interested in what you have posted than the Toyger lol ..that BobCat is gorgeous... I had a friend who had a domestic cat who "supposedly" bred with a bobcat once..and was he a BIG ole pussy! Monday was massive he certainly looked like a cross between the 2!
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That is interesting what you have said on the breeding between the domestic cat and the bobcat. That is the story behind the Pixie Bob breed. As legend has it, that is what they are. This breeding occurred on it's own, not an intentional breeding. I have 4 Pixie bobs, but Amber is spayed and will not be used for breeding.
This is Auroa, one of my female Pixie Bobs. If you look at the color of the fur, you can see the "bobcat" look. She does have a short bobcat tail, but you can not see it in this picture.

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The toygers are really neat looking, but since we're on the bobcat subject, I have been talking with a breeder about getting an American Bobtail. Hopefully I will be getting one in the next couple of months.
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They are beautiful!!
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Fireshoes, don't forget to send pictures of the new kitten
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I will! I'm just waiting for her to post pics of her new litter so I can maybe pick one out. Here is her webpage:

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Some pretty babies there
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Here's a picture of the silver tabby American Bobtail. I didn't get one for the brown kitties yet. I'm not sure I want to - I might have cuteness overload and get them all lol!
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Awwww, how cute. Look at that adorable face
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This thread just got me so intrigued I started to read up on Pixies.. I have sat for days reading. Carol Ann Brewer was a smart woman! As I said earlier I had a friend once back in South Carolina who used to travel alot to N.C. to a farm out in the middle of nowhere! When we were little my mom used to take us because she was actually my moms best friend.

I can remember her talking about a litter of kittens that "supposedly" had beed sired by a Bob Cat..of course we all thought she was crazy! She brought one of the kittens home and it was the BIGGEST kitten we had ever seen. He had the huge paws and spots on him, no tail, he was a darker colour almost a greyish like colour.

As the cat grew older it honestly did look like a Bob Cat. He was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Monday was his name and he is not alive anymore. I don't think this is as uncommon an occurance as some sites make it out to be. Your Amber is about the closest to a Bob Cat as I have seen from some of the breeders... Some of them do not look like Bob Cats to me. I just wanted to share that with you..I thought we were all crazy until I saw this posting..I never knew they existed as a breed.
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Leviugga, Amber looks like a bobcat, because she is We got our interest in getting a bobcat, because we have 4 Pixies Bobs and also breed them. Carol Brewer is our mentor. Our male Pixie, Tommy Boy, weighs 21 pounds and our larger female weighs 14. Our male and females have lots of spots and have the same coloring as Amber does. We do not breed any of the Pixies with Amber, she has been spayed.
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I love the markings on him....very pretty cat
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I wish I COULD see a picture of a Toyger Cat. Hedi, the pics you posted are red X's on my computer. And Nichole, your link isn't working, I get an error message.
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HI Lorie,

I just tried the link again and it works for me. I can also see the pictures posted. Hmmmmm maybe something is wrong with your ISP? Try again in a little bit.
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you could try right clicking on the red x's and selecting "show picture/image." Chances are it wont work though
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I just tried again, and this time I can see the pictures and the link is working too, so maybe there was a problem with my ISP.

Those cats really are quite beautiful!
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I think if the breeders are working towards a new breed in an ethical way, ie. not using wild/ exotic cats, and there are no health problems associated with the breed....then er...why not?
I completely agree with this comment. I don't see what the problem is "creating" new breeds as long as the cats are healthy.

The Australian Mist is such a breed & is hugely popular here in Australia. The more breeds the cat fancy has, the better. As long as they're not just a novelty item.

I've heard of the Toyger but never managed to find photos of them. They're lovely looking cats. There's an interesting article on the messybeast site www.messybeast.com which lists breeds of cats, including "experimental" breeds & the Toyger is mentioned there.
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That is one GORGEOUS cat!!!

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sorry to dig up such an ancient thread but I found this after googling toygers. I looked at the website in the past and i think what they're doing is quite ambitious! Now how they will get the ear tips to become rounded, i don't know, but i believe they will succeed!
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