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Hissy...whatever happened to.....

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The book of cat drawings and poems that you and Nenners were working on to raise funds for the Cat Welfare Society? Has that been put to the side for now?
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Ok I just called her. She has been set up in a series of circumstances that have interrupted her normal schedule. So now, the project has been shelved, and the photos and sketches will be mailed out to me on Monday. I will then send them to each of you who were involved in this project. I am really sorry this book didn't materialize as originally thought, but life changes, and you learn to go with the flow-
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Hopefully Nenners is ok!

And thank you for the beautiful poem!
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Ady I just updated my original reply- You made me go searching for her phone number to find out what has happened, so thanks!
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That's too bad! Are the sketches all done? Do you need help doing a book layout? I could do some, I have desktop publishing, and do newsletters and stuff for my volunteer associations, I might be able to help.
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Sammie that is very kind of you. I do not know where in the stages she has stopped. She volunteered to do this for the members and it has been stalled a very long time. She may be just mailing each person back their sketches instead of sending everything to me, so it is probably just best left shelved for now. But I thank you for your kind offer.

here was the original thread

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