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panda cam!

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I don't know if anyone's seen this, but it is SO cute, check it out!! But beware, may cause you to waste time

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Ok - Panda is sleeping - will check back later!
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AWWWWWWW...i LOVE panda bears!!! i didn't know they had something like this on the web!!
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ohhhhh! S/he shifted position!
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It moved in its sleep! AWWWWWWWWW
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It is wiggling!
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He just rolled over a bit!
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Does anyone remember the pregnant horse cam? I have a feeling this could be almost as addictive!
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I can't stop watching it... it's too cute!
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Is anyone besides me mousing over the panda in hopes he'll move? I'm a bit too pc-orientated.
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Wow! Last time it was tests and now it's cams! LOL!

This is amazing as well..

Awww! the panda moved!
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Check out some of the video clips of the baby panda, they are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!
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half an hour later I am turning the thing off - its rolling and playing with its feet all the time and I cant leave it alone. Nature has a magical way of being incredible - technology allows us to share it.
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It's Awake! Wooooohoooooo!
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why did you have to show us this URL - cant turn it off now - its too busy playing..I am too busy watching and marvelling at it

loving it all
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Looks like it is sleeping again!
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I can't seem to catch him while he's awake! Argh! I want to see him play with his feet and roll around too.
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Mommy panda just came and took baby off-screen. I just can't win!
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OMG!!!!!!!! It looks like they are cuddling!
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Okay, he's sleeping again, which means I can pry myself away to post. Once mommy panda brought him back, it looked like she started cuddling him and I'm guessing she was nursing him. Then it looked like she was playing with him a little.. and he rolled around some, then settled down and went back to sleep.

I have to close that window now or I'm never going to go be able to make dinner.
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I love the cams! Thanks.
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this is getting silly now -our 4 year old is glued to it.... Carol and I are hooked... not getting any work done in the house at all.
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Looks like momma panda is bathing baby. It looks like they are in a tunnel of some sort.
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I am hooked like you Kev - even sent this out to my friends!
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I saw it yesterday but today i'm just getting a red x?
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sorry to hear about the red x - however, its about 7.56 in sandiego, mum is on her back, the little one looks as though is asleep and mum us enjoying what looks like they may be the first rays of sun. Been a good night and I cant wait to now watch the polar bears which start in approx 2 hours for me!! their web cam link is on the same site....
Can give you a continual running commentary if you like - thats if I could get off the site long enough
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AWWWWWW....i can see the panda rolling around and i saw TUMMY!!!!
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that thing is addictive!!!! if i didn't have to work, i'd sit around all day and watch constantly.
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I see the momma, but the baby is hiding!
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I've been to the zoo twice to see the different pandas. The biggest problem is that they're rarely out and you have to wait in line a long time to get up to their exhibit.
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