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Post your senior cat pictures here

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In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet month, I'd like to start a thread for our senior babies.

Here is Shep (named after George of the Jungle's faithful doggie Shep). She was a stray that we've loved for 11 years and is estimated to be somewhere between 14 and 17 years old. I love her little "tail light":
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This is a picture of my childhood cat, Loppy. She was in her mid teens in this pic, and made it to 21.

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I love the tail-light too : and 21 years is a nice long life for a beloved furbaby, Christy. That's wonderful she was there for you for so long.

This is my petite Felixia.
I'm not sure how old she is, but she adopted me in 1991 after the neighbors left her behind. I thought she was a kitten b/c she's so little (only about 7 lbs), but when I took her to the vet he told me she was already spayed and had bad teeth (!) - so my guess is that she's at least 15 or 16, possibly older. She doesn't have many teeth left, but she's still quite playful, and her fur is soft & shiny. I love her beautiful sea-green eyes & playful nature. She still likes to do somersaults across the back of the couch, and zoom around the house. Hubby calls her 'Flash' and 'Bump-Crash' b/c she's so fast, and b/c she likes to head-butt us, and knock things off shelves and tables.

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What handsome/beautiful older kitties!
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What beautiful older babies! 21 is OLD!!!
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What fabulous older kitties these are: I think that is fantastic for a cat to live 21 years
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Here's my Snoopy. He's 18 years young. He is the most wonderful cat I've ever known. He has no teeth, because I had to have them all removed last year at the Vet to save his life. He is the gentlest, most easy going, most lovable boy in the world.
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We got Tillie earlier this year. We were told she was 9, but the vet said he thinks she's more like 14 or 15. She has arthritis and limped until we started her on Cosequin, which has done WONDERS! Since starting it, she's become more personable, her appetite has increased, she hangs around us more, and most importantly she moves easier and faster, without a limp!
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I adopted Midnight in October 1992; he was 6 months old. He is my bestest friend in the whole world.
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We adopted Coal almost 3 years ago, he was 9 at the time. He is the elder cat here at 12 years old.
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I have tears in my eyes right now... I just am glad these babies have lived this long and will prosper also.
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Both of my two are seniors -

Sphinx is approximately 17-18 years.
Kuce is approximately 10-12 years.

I adopted both last year from a local shelter.
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No seniors at the moment, but we certainly have had. Here's a link to Nibs and Shasta, probably about 12 and 20 respectively at the time of this photo.

Nibs lived to 15, and Shasta to 21. And here's Gryphon at probably 13. which wasn't much before he departed for the Rainbow Bridge...
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This is our 18 year old "Shadow".

This is "Katrina", she is 13. We adopted her from a shelter at the age of 10.

And this is 13 year old "Tabby". She was found rapped in a towl and dumped by a dumpster to die in the cold. She was so small, the cord was still attached. We had to bottle feed her
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*sigh* I have such a soft spot for these cats. Loppy is just beautiful.. they are all so special.

Here is ChiChi.. she is 15 and lives at my parents house. I brought her home when I was 16.

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You may know that this isn't something I'm particularly gifted at (posting pics), but assuming this works. Below is Lucky, 16/17 years old - who came to me from a cat rescue 13 years ago. He has a touch of arthritis in his back, and has had since I had him some breathing problems due to a respiratory disease that affcted him lungs (before he and his brother came to live with me). He's a roubust guy, loves sleeping and being petted !
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Well that seemed to work, so let me show a pic of Toby, Lucky's brother and my dearest little friend. Toby died 7 weeks ago with cancer - we all miss him so much. He was the same age as Lucky, much slighter, especially at the end, but his character was bigger than both of little treasure.
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I like all the kitties in here and I would say WOW to a cat over 20 years of age .
This is Shanahna , we got her in 93 from our local shelter and she was already 1 year old . So she is 11 years old now .
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Love all the senior pikkies! Especially Loppy!
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Awww... I love to see the seniors.. they all look so healthy

Katrina has the most expressive eyes...and I love Chi Chi's coloration.
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I love older kitties! The kitty I had before Toes lived to be 19. When she was young she was a little b!+@h, but when she got older she became senile and forgot she hated people and was the most lovey little thing. She was only 8 pounds herself and we got her too young and my Mom taught her how to eat. She always slept next to my head on the pillow too. She even caught and killed a mouse at the age of 17.
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