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Where's the cat?

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Thread Starter many cats are in this picture?
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Here's a hint:
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I think there is 2 but perhaps 3?
wow they look comfy though!
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That is the cutest cat pic I have ever seen!
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Scarlett loves the cooler months when Steve starts wearing his sweatshirts again. Steve has always either rolled the sweatshirt up around her like a pouch to carry her around, or if lying down, she crawls under it and sleeps there for hours on end. She only does this with sweatshirts and the grey one in the pic is her favorite one of all.

Scarlett is quite the character!
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OMG!! Those pictures are sooo cute!!
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Adorable pics! That paw patting his face is too cute!
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What a Daddy's girl!!! And I thought Ophelia was bad for demanding that Earl come to bed for a nap in the afternoon! LOL
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OMG that is the cutest!!! Amber loves to burrow, but not like that!
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OMG that is so cute!!
Little orange paw sticking out of
the shirt lol
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how cute
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How cute! My Sugarly won't even touch bare chest skin! She has to be on top of the shirt!
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I love that! Tailer does that kind of thing sometimes.
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AWWWWWWWWWWW! Those pics made my heart MELT.... U should send the last one to "caption that" forum!
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how cute is that , I had to look twice at the first picture
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lmao!! I love the little paw sticking out
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LOL!!! I love that picture!!!!
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Too funny and cute!
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All I can think of at this moment is, Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

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Oh that is hysterical! What sweet pics.
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wow that is such a cute pic...I did also have to look twice to see the little paw and realise what it was lol....but ahhhh makes your heart melt.

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