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Could use your opinions

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Am filing for my non-profit status but need a name for my cat sanctuary. Do you like Fern's Bridge or Love's Backyard? My maiden name is Love so thought I would use it if I could. Or if you have another idea, I am all ears.......
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just a thought....

Fern's Love?

I really like loves backyard as well
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How about "Love's Bridge"??
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My first thought would have been to vote for the Fern name, then I saw that Love was your maiden name, so I think I'd go with Love's Backyard. (or Love's Sanctuary?)
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When I first read your post, my first thought was also Love's Bridge, as Donna mentioned.

Whatever you decide, best of luck to you...you deserve it!

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Love Love's Love!!! now say that 5 times fast with a mouthful of milk... You folks who run these sanctuaries should be up for sainthood. Thank you on behalf of all we who would love to... and all the little fuzzy faces you will give love to that would otherwise be alone in a hostile world. God Bless you all.
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Hissy; I like "Love's Backyard" since your place is rural OR "Love's Garden" since you take them in and nurture them and tend them and they grow strong! I want to say Thank You for all you and Mike and those like you (Rene, Sandie, Fern, Donna, Michelerad. etc. do by volenteering you time and talents to LOVE God's creations that man has abandoned or mis-treated.
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How about Paws Garden. I also like Loves Garden.
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I like Love's Backyard.
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Thanks for the input. Love's Backyard makes me think the cats will be staying here in one place, and they will hopefully be moving on to good adoptive families. Love's Garden is good, but there are nurseries and garden shops in the area and I want people to know my focus is cats not flowers...=) Thanks to all who contributed, now it is up to the State to say whether or not I can do this. Love's Bridge gives me the feeling that the cats are going on a journey to another place, a loving place and our home will be the start of that journey. Thanks again
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good luck with that.
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