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Halloween Friday's Daily Thread!

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Good morning all. Hope your Halloween is sufficiently spooky for you. I am fighting of a chest and sinus infection. I am excited about my new job opportunity, not too sure when I start. I am hoping we don't get too many kids tonight...it is supposed to rain.

Survivor - WOW!

CSI - what the heck PAF CON?
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Don't have as much time, this morning - I'm wearing heavy makeup to work and that's going to take some time. We'll be going out, this evening. Since I won't be home, until 6, Bill gets the early candy detail. I had to buy more candy, yesterday. Just couldn't stay out of the stash, that I bought two weeks ago.

Rowdy is taking Halloween seriously and is acting devilish - sprinting through the house, digging her claws into things that she's not supposed to and pouncing on Opie and Buddy. I may have to shut her in the bedroom, when we get trick-or-treaters. I just KNOW that she's going to make a break for it. She's already dressed for Halloween, with her orange-and-black tortie markings.

There's a costume contest, at work and the first prize is $50. With Christmas coming, that would come in handy.

Got my Avon order, yesterday. The "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments are SO cute. Of course, Grandma needed a trinket, too : a jet bead and crystal necklace, with matching drop earrings. I've ordered a watch, out of the next book. It's a kitty, with rhinestones around the face and rhinestone ears.
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OMG CSI was so funny! PAF Con - I dont think you will be seeing me at one in the near future!
Tru Calling was good, well I liked it - it reminded me of the movie Run Lola Run, which is one of my favourite movies.

I hope your chest and sinus infection gets better!

Last night I had this strange dream that hubby and I had this ability to go back and forth in time without any time machine.

Believe it or not, my brother was born on Halloween!

I got invited to a small halloween party tonight, but I don't know if I will go, because I was only asked last night, pretty short notice.

I hope you have a great day!
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Forgot to add that I almost got a new kitty last night. Went to the vet to get Sugie her pills and they had an adorable pure grey (like Saki and Zoey) older cat that was very affectionate, but the one that stole my heart was a little 6 week old kitten. He was adorable and affectionate and it roke my heart to leave him. He was a black and white tuxedo who looked alot like my Merlin (MooMoo).... he was a MiniMoo. I wanted to have him so I had a MiniMoo an MaxiMoo. I just can't do it, Sugie would freak! I have to give priority to her, I don't want her needing any more anti-dressants then she is taking right now. I almost cried when I left, because the vet said I could take her because he knew she would be going to a good home!
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Home sick from school today. I have the worst cold I've had in a long time! Just gonna rest today and drink loads of water. I do have to head to the doctor today, my ear is killing me... anyhow, enough of me complaining!

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween and remember to keep your kitties safe tonight.
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Heading into the office for the Halloween party and bringing my pumpkin pies with me. I've decided to dress up as a farmer: bib overalls, thermal underware type shirt, bandana, knee-high work boots and a John Deere hat. We don't get to wear jeans to work and I'm taking advantage of the day.....
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It is a cold and wet Halloween. Par for the course here! They are saying that we'll be lucky to reach 30 degrees today, and it's been freezing rain and drizzle since yesterday. YUK!!! I seriously doubt we'll be getting many, if any trick or treaters.

Only 1/2 day at work today, and I have all of about 2 1/2 hours left to go! Which is good, I've gotten so behind on website stuff at home. And Trent has been super needy this week, so I need to give him some Mommy time.
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My little Goblins were so excited this morning that they got up
real early and made me breakfast
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Froze last night - spent the morning chipping ice from the water bowls and water troughs. The horses broke the trough heater this year, so had to go get another one, will install it a little bit later when it warms up.

Saw McKenzie this morning! She is Taz and Squirrel's mom, been missing for months and months, we gave her up for lost and this morning she scared me when I opened the barn door. She was up on one of the piles of hay and flew up to the hay loft when the door opened. She is a little bit skinny, won't let me near her very close and hissed at Taz when she went up to say hello. I left her some warm food and water and hope she sticks around. Taz is the spitting image of her mom.

We get zilch trick or treaters. Most of them go to the Boys Girls Club in town to party. But I bought one bag of candy just in case.
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I thought yesterday was Halloween? Ah I can't keep up with the dates!!

I want to see the pic of the 'farm girl!'

CSI was funny!!!! Weird and funny!!! I will never go to one of those though

What happened on Survivor? I only saw where the outcasts were brought back in and they called themselves 'outkast' then I flipped and saw Tru Calling was on so watched 1/2 of that and became bored and flipped the tube off till CSI came on. What happened at the end of Tru Calling?

Anyway....blah morning, woke up actually refreshed so I think it's good to sleep when my son sleeps instead of staying awake to do house stuff...haven't eaten breakfast yet, fed son whose full now

See ya lata's!! And if anyone has their costumes on or puts them on, please take pics and post them on TCS so that we can see!!!
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Happy Halloween everyone! We don't celebrate it over here but it sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Went out today to see my family! Feels great to be out of bed and away from home. We had a family gathering in honor of my new niece (now 1 month old) and it was nice seeing everyone again.

Had a few contractions yesterday morning - but they stopped after a few hours. None today I wouldn't mind going into labour actually -can't wait to see the baby, who by the way we decided to name Dan as per the decision of TCS members
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Happy Halloween!!

It's 75 degrees and SUNNY!! In Pennsylvania on the last day of october--where's the snow??!

Today I was supposed to meet one of my friends, then we were supposed to go to my other friends house to help her prepare for her halloween block party she's having tonite, but now it looks like we won't head out that way until 3 or 4.. I'm not dressing up but I'm thinking of taking something with me just incase we go to the bar or something afterwards.. My sorta significant ex called me and asked me to meet him at the pub after the party, and I said maybe, but if I do I'll be with my friend anyhow so nothing can really go on.

Tomorrow's my dad's birthday so I have to figure out what I'm going to do for it, we are having a small family get together.. which in my family consists of a TON of food and cheesy movies.. yay

I hope everyone has a great day!! Feel better Jenn and Ady!
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Woke up with a headache this morning. Sinus crap again! You'd think I'd be used to it by now!

Brought Hallie in my room with me last night for a couple of hours. POsted some cute pictures of her in FurPIctures. I think everyone is right... she DOES look much better! Princess was very gentle with Hallie. She sniffed her and stared at her a lot. No hissing, no growling. Hallie explored my room while I laid on my bed watching ER. When she was done exploring, she came and laid on my legs and watched TV with me. She's so darn cute I can't stand it!

I think I've picked a name for Hallie. I will be turning in her registration to transfer it so the "of Dragon Pass" will be dropping off her name. Right now it's "Petmar's Hallie of Dragon Pass" She will hopefully soon be known as "Petmar's Hallie Madame Le Petite." Like it?

Jake's name is Steeplechase's Jake of Dragon Pass and I'm thinking of his being "Steeplechase's Jake Da Man." I thought of that because when Teresa saw Jake and Peaches cuddling (and peaches being the princess and all) she said, "Jake you da man." Whatcha think of that one?

I think I'll be bringing Hallie out in one room for awhile every day. I still need to keep her alone most of the time where she can free feed and I'll know how much she is eating. But it will probably be good for her to come out a bit too and get used to everyone!

Ok.... so my life is boring and all I talk about is my cats! Have a good one.
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Thanks for the book referal!

Make sure your doctor checks your thyroid. Those are classic symptoms. Do you have very dry skin? Either hot or cold all the time?
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Good Mid-Day Everyone! Hope everyone gets over their sinus problems, I had them bad earlier in the week, but now it's getting a little better! Does anyone else here watch The O.C.? I love that show!! That was on night before last, and we watched Friends last night! What a funny episode!! We are headed out of town again this weekend (2nd weekend in a row!)!!! We are going to Sweeny, Texas (about 2 hours south from here) to see Zack's parents! I love my in-laws, they are the greatest! We are going to Lucy's Mexican restaurant tonight for dinner, our favorite restaurant!! Well, I have some more work to do before I do my daily reading for Geology. Have a wonderful Halloween or whatever you do tonight to celebrate, or not celebrate....just have a great evening!!! Love you guys!!!
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Happy Halloween!

Hope everone is enjoying their Friday!

We don't want anything to happen to our three black kitties so.......
hubby and I decided we are not going to hand out Halloween candy tonight because Zoey and Lucy love to run to the door when someone comes to the house. We don't want them to run out the door with all of the trick or treaters. Plus Iggy freaks when she hears the doorbell ring! So, we will probably go out to eat and then go see my nephews (age 1 & 3) dressed up! We are suposed to go to a party and a haunted house but I don't really feel like it.
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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I took a half day off today, so am home from work already - yay!! I need to get ready to go out of town tomorrow for a wedding, and don't want to miss handing out candy tonight. So I had better get off of the computer and get going on all of the stuff I need to get done soon.

I'm so happy - in the last couple of days, it's been really obvious that Simba is putting on weight. He was so scrawny for so long, but he's got some heft to him when I pick him up now. I think next week I will run him to the vet just to get his weight checked, but I'm sure he's put on a couple of pounds. He's looking so good!

Well, I had better get running - lots to get done this afternoon. Hope everone has a great Halloween!
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Found out I start my new job on November 10th - that is 1 week! I better get rganized!
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Lots of good luck vibes for the new job Ady!

Anne, Dan really is a cute name

I have just got up and it's WAAAAAAAAAY too early for a Saturday Morning...

Have been texting friends and I'm planning on making breakfast.

Going out today... and tomorrow.

Have a good day ya'll
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Feel better soon Jenn *Hugs*
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OK! I am alittle peeved right now. I just e-mailed my former car pool driver to see if I could get back in the car pool. I am going to be her supervisor and she thinks it is a conflict of interest for me to be in the car. Does this mean our friendship (which I thought was a good one) is now over because I am bnow her supervisor? Can't people separate things between personal and work? I am actually very upset by the very formal e-mail she sent me. This is what it said
"I'm sorry, but I think that under the circumstances, it would be better if you didn't carpool with us, Adrienne. I'm not comfortable having you as my supervisor, and therefore having you in the carpool presents a conflict of interest for me. Good Luck with your new job."
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Ady - could your friend be jealous that you get to be her supervisor? Maybe she applied for that position and didn't get it and feels a little peeved that she didnt get promoted?
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Oh Damn ady!

Wow, ya think she could have a private life away from work..
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We have been friends since the day she started! that has been for over 2 years!
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and she wants to give it up for that??
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"I'm sorry, but I think that under the circumstances, it would be better if you didn't carpool with us, Adrienne. I'm not comfortable having you as my supervisor, and therefore having you in the carpool presents a conflict of interest for me. Good Luck with your new job."
Well, at least she's giving you fair warning of the chilly reception to expect in your new position.

Unfortunately, it seems awfully difficult for some people to deal with one of their co-workers getting promoted above them. Hopefully she will come around. You had mentioned the place was really bad for office politics, is this the type of thing you meant?

I'm so sorry things are starting out this way for you.
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At my workplace you have to apply and compete for a job - she never applied for this job and doesn't want ther job, so it isn't jealousy. I think the problem is she is anti management and now views me as management.
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Unfortunately for her, management is a necessity, how else can a company run without management?
If I were you, I would tell her that just because you are management, doesnt mean that she isnt your friend.
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I don't think I am going to say anything to her. I will just treat her the same and let her decide how she wants to continue from here. If anything, it is her loss!
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"I'm sorry, but I think that under the circumstances, it would be better if you didn't carpool with us, Adrienne. I'm not comfortable having you as my supervisor, and therefore having you in the carpool presents a conflict of interest for me. Good Luck with your new job."
That is just one bitchy mean nasty comment. There is no reason for that kind of attitude. Just ignore her, and find your own way to work.
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