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just getting fatter!!!

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My poor old Katy just cant seem to get the weight off! She weighs in at 9kilo 25. Shes not a very big cat except for the fat. We have been going to the vet health nurse since March! First diet was Hills
r/d - no luck there. Now they have got her on Royal Canin Obesity. We went a fortnight ago and she weighed 9k 25. This wednesday she weighed 9k 40! We have got her feather sticks and boucy mice things to play with but although she tries the other guys come in and take over. I am a bit worried there is actually something wrong with her
so the nurse is asked the vet who says there is a slight possibilty of thyroid probs but this is really rare in cats! Testing next week for this just to be on the safe side- in the meantime poor old Kate just gets fatter.
If i get the chance i will post a photo over the weekend just to show you. Anyone else have problems with overweight cats?
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Oh yes, fat cat problems here! I feel so bad for Mabel. I'm trying to slowly reduce her food and to play with her more but it takes a while. She actually gained 3 pounds a few months ago when her old food was discontinued and I switched her to something else. I didn't realize the new stuff was so fatty. I haven't tried her on light stuff yet, she is so picky and doesn't eat then... and with her weight I'm trying to be careful so that she doesn't get fatty liver from starving herself over food she won't eat

I think I read a post you did about katy not being able to wash "around back" and having urine scald? That really worries me, I keep looking at Mabels backside and I know she can't bend over there and wash...
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oops, no, it was Mina a different cat that had urine scald
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meow meow and boy boy are overweight and i switched to IAMS weight control dry food for them.. it worked.. it also helps if they have a fixed food time and there's no food in the dish other than their food time.Hope it helps you. Good luck.
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