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How about a Night owl thread?

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I am a night owl....only cause I work nites and it seems that since we have gotten rid of the spam thread I am spending less time on the board...not a big deal BUT! since I work a very boring job I have tons of time to post. I have been posting more on all the other threads and what not but I think we should have a night owl DT kinda thread. I was just curious if anyone else would like to see a thread like that. if not that's fine I will just have to start the DT thread at midnight my time LOL anyway just wanted to see what everyone else thought before I did anything like that.
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Well my friends, Lisa,Joy,Steph,Kas,Gem,Catherine & I just had a fantastic time.

It's nearly 10pm here and I just got back from the beach and we were having lots of food and drinking lots of coke and trick or treating.. and OMG! never had so much fun!

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Good idea. I would be a night owl, but I went back to work last week and now I have to be in bed early so I can get up at 5:30am. At least I'm making some cash again.

Glad you had a good night, Sam. And your posts answered my question I posted in another thread to you.

I'll fill you in on Canada age things. We can buy fireworks at 18 here, cigs and drinks at 19 (18 in Quebec) and we can start driving a car at 16.

Happy Halloweeen!!! I'm going out with my new beau tonight. I think I'm going to dress up as a cat. I bought this leather coller thingy to add to my usual cat costume.
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This stuff I'm always interested in, so I'm gonna share even though no one asked. lol In Finland you have to be 18 for all that, for fireworks, cigs, alcohol and driving. The fireworks thing used to be lower, but since there are some pretty nasty accidents each new years, it's now 18.

I'm a night owl too, btw, not cause of work or anything, that's just who I am. I often visit here at night, but of course, a lot of other posters are here then too, time difference and all.
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I am also a terrible night owl, allthough it´s now 3.30 PM here I very often stay here way past what I plan to, since when I am going to sleep there are finally more people coming on to the board, and before I know it, its 4 AM allready

And as for the age thing. In Iceland you have to be 17 to drive, but can start learning to drive at 16, and then have a practice licence for some months, when you have to have an adult with you in the car.
You can buy alcahol at 20 years old and I am not sure about the ciratettes, I think it´s 16.
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another Nightowl here im sure not a morning person
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Hey nightowls- it is a quiet and cold night here. I just finished graining the horses and it is already icing over outside. It's only 29 degrees- BRRRR! They don't even have their winter coat yet- I think it is going to be a bad winter for us.

I am waiting for Anne to wake up so we can finish off MeowMews, then I am going to crawl into bed with all the kitties so they can keep my feet warm!
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LOL wish my kitties would keep my feet warm!! they seem to enjoy keeping my head warm more!! it's pretty funny to see! one full grown cat and 2 little kittens all curled up on and above my head! It's pretty clod here too! we are at the end of a very bad Ice storm! It's 27 here but with the wind chill it feels like only 17! good thing is that I instead of staying here at work until 7 am like I useally do I am getting of at midnight so I get to curl up in bed with my kitties and hunny!!

Your poor horses! do you have blankets for um? I hope so! Hope you had a good halloween!
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Good idea. I rotate shifts and when I go to nights and afternoons, I am always up late.
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Hissy, it was sunny and 75 here today. Very rare at this time of year. But I know it won't be long before the lake erie snow machine kicks in
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Hey I just got home. Was out with my new beau. He took me out for dinner and we rented a few movies.
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Well, I don't work nights, and can't really do much posting at work anyway, though I do occasionally. And I'm not all that much of a night owl, but my computer "play time" is mostly after dinner, which for us is later than for most people, so I play a bit, then go to bed...

It's after 11, the Hallowe'en fireworks have been going all evening, and are still happening. GRRRRR. We had exactly four -- count 'em, four! -- trick-or-treaters. Oh, well, Rob can eat up the Peanut Butter Cups -- he loves 'em. I make a point of buying candy we won't mind eating up, because the t-or-t traffic is so light.

It's pretty fresh here, too, tonight -- relatively speaking. Hissy and WillowsMom won't be impressed by single digits, though, when I confess that that's Celsius, so still in the high 30s, low 40s in your lingo. But I've become a Lotus Land Wimp, so it still FEELS cold!!

Soon it'll be time to summon the furry hot water bottles.

'Night all...
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Well, for anyone out there, here is only 5 in the p.m. The sun is about to set so this thread would be a daytime one for me...
In addition, I am ahead of you guys between 6 to 12 hrs. depending on where you are so Halloween for me was 2 days ago...
Some kids rang the doorbell on Halloween but instead of saying "trick or treat" they sang a Christmas carol. They just left after they were finished. I was thinking, maybe they were just rehearsing or something.
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Some of you night-owls might notice the absence of a few of your posts. They were removed because the purpose of the night-owl thread, is the same as the Daily Thread we have. To learn about the fascinating lives of the people on the board, and not to create a line of chatter two-on-two.

There are so many programs available for those of you who want to chat online. This bulletin board was not set-up to be a chat board, and per Anne there will be no chat rooms. The Night-owls should not use this thread as a way to bump up posting counts, again, not what it was intended for. Any posting that borders on Spamming will be removed.

Please help us all keep the integrity and intent of this board as it should be. If you want to talk one on one with chatter go to IM, ICQ or MSN-

This thread will be moderated as are all the threads on the board. If you have a problem with this decision, please take your complaints straight to Anne and do not mention them on the boards.

Thank you again-
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