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I feel like I'm neglecting this place

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First of all, I'm sorry that I haven't spent much time on here lately. My life has been turned upside down since I moved to Lincoln & with the new job, I barely have time to check my email everyday. Luckily, I'll have a some what set schedule starting next week so I'm hoping that will give me a routine for fun stuff like posting here!

I check the boards everyday & I feel awful that I don't get to post to almost every interesting thread I see. Please don't think that you all are not in my thoughts everyday because you are. It's weird but occasionally I'll think "Hmmm, I wonder how 'so & so' is doing?" or "I really hope that their kitty(s) are doing ok".

Hope all is well with everyone & I hope I haven't missed out on too much important stuff. I promise to make more time...I miss you guys!

Thanks for everything & hopefully you'll be seeing me on here more often. Love ya!
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Shell don't worry about it! It simply means you have a life! Nice to see you here though, and I hope all is well.
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Miss havin' you around! Come back soon!
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Hello! Just to let you know that there's no more problem with my posting time! Thanks! (not sure where to put this message to you)
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Well you should be sorry missy! Leaving us to go to work, and have a life. We feel so neglected! Shame on you! Tsk, tsk tsk!

Just in case you can't tell, I'm only teasing. I'm sure everyone here understands when other members are busy, and having a life is good. Hope everything is going well on the new job!
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Shell, of course we miss you but we're so happy you are doing well!

Hugs, love yah and hope to see you really soon!
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Hey Shell, we miss you too, but we know that there have been lots of changes with the move, work and dating etc. -hope things are going okay. Take care...
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What? You mean that there is life, outside of TCS? When did THAT happen?
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Hey you! Real life sometimes has to take precedence! In about 2 weeks when I start my new, new job I will alos be posting less! I guess as a supervisor I have to set a good example at work and not go online.
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we will be here when you can join us!!!!
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Shell it has been awhile since I saw you on here. Glad to know that you are doing well. Glad that things are going well for you on your new job.

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Shell, hope you are getting along O.K. I am looking foreward to your posts.
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Shell, I understand totally. LOL, when I first joined forums, I made 3 cat pages, said hello in general to the catforums and that was all. I didn't really post on the forums at all, I was to busy until now! LOL
I am glad that am now posting...cause everyone else and you are so nice on here...but by all means, don't feel guilty! It must have been at least a good 4 to 5 months after I joined this catsite, that I started reading posts and posting regularly.
{{{{Take care}}}}
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Oh Shell - Fear not are always missed here at TCS BUT you do have a life -- Geeze! You have been through a lot of changes this year-- Heck, I disappear for 2 and 3 weeks at a time and nobody knows... THEN when I come back there's 50 new members I haven't met yet... Dammital, by the time I catch up, I'll be 100 years old, LOL!! What's a girl to do?

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Shell, enjoy your real life, we will still be here when you have more time - waiting to hear all your news about your new job, your dating life, your new home and of course of your kittys! I wish I had a little piece of a real life!
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Thanks everyone! I really do miss chatting with everyone every day like I always did before. It's amazing how many new people there are in just a month. I do hope to get to know all the newbies!

As for my "new" life, it's interesting. It definitely has it's ups & downs like everything else in life. The homesickness comes & goes, but is slowly getting better. I call my Mom every day since she's really taking it hard which doesn't help me much either. But I's the first time I ever left our small town & now I'm in a fairly big city. So she worries about me constantly & I worry about her just as much. I've just been throwing myself into work as much as possible & trying to keep myself busy. Less time to think about sad things that way.

As for work, I was ready to quit last week. Just had a rotten day & I just wanted to go home. But I knew that I have to follow through with this plan or I let it beat me. That ain't happening! On Monday I'll be officially starting the training program & I'm looking forward to it. The past 2 weeks I've been stuck in the Toy Dept helping them out since it's a disaster area. It'll be nice to actually do my job once again instead of being a glorified stock person with a management title. Everyone seems pretty nice to work with & I've met a lot of really neat people. Plus, we've got some really hot looking men working there, so that's always a plus. Unfortunately, I can not date anyone from my store so that put a damper on things. As for my personal life, I still hang out with Ric once in a while. Our schedules are so different, we don't get to talk very often. It's just a casual thing & it's more of a friendship than anything else. That's fine with me. At least I've got a friend up here other than my coworkers. Now, the hard part is making new friends outside of work. Since work consumes most of my time, it's hard to get out there & meet new people. It'll slowly happen I'm sure.

The girls (Tiki& Echo) are doing great. Onery as ever! Tiki has a completely new attitude & personality now that she's away from the dog. She's much more lovable & a lot more vocal! Echo is just her normal self, but she's getting more & more lovable too. I think they miss me during the day, so they beg for attention at night. I miss Bud like big baby boy! I'm sure the girls miss him too!

Well, that's about it in a Nut Shell (sorry for the pun!). Thanks again for the kind words & I promise to make more time for TCS. I love you all!
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Shell, Glad to hear you're taking it all in your stride. You amaze me you really do, such a great role model, I'm glad things are going okay with Ric. and I'm happy that you guys are friends, wow it's amazing what the internet can do.

Well big hugs to you and ya two gals, Take care and keep popping in and updating us, I miss ya like crazy!

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