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I'll at least TRY this!!!

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My wife and I are cat lovers... we have 4 right now... one(my favorite) is a Himalayan/Persian, one a Shaded Silver Persian, one Flame point Hilamayan, and one alley cat we picked up in a campground foraging for food in a garbage can.

I just happened to stumble onto this website, but it would appear that it holds a lot of valuable info and sharing with other cat lovers out there.

I will, as soon as I am able, put up the web page for each of out "Babies". I have the digital camera pictures, and all I need it the permission to start uploading!

From the messages I have already seen in this forum, I'd say that as a male, over 50, I'm a minority!!! It would seem that MOST men prefer dogs!!! <G> But I'll say this... My LilBit is more precious to me than life itself... and I only hope that she outlives me so I won't have to go through losing another companion. Just wait til you can see the pictures... you can't help but love her as much as I do!!!

Mike W
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I am sure we will all dribble over your babies. I dont think you should feel misplaced here. There are a variety of ages and hometowns. There is another older gentleman as well here. The only thing we care about is the mutual respect and love of cats. I hope you enjoy the forums here!
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Welcome Mike!

Glad to have you with us! Hey, I've counted at least a dozen guys here! Well, okay... I guess the majority is women

We welcome members of all sexes as long as they love cats!
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It is so nice to have you with us, Mike...and I really mean that. welcome!!
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older guys?? OLDER GUYS?? (sputter,sputter) We are not older guys until we reach 105. prior to that we are 'refined gentlemen" So there.
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Compared to "dirt" we may NOT be old, but the average computer user out there is about 12!!!! I dunno about attaining over 100 years old... I'll leave that for you! At age 60, what still works hurts like hell, and what doesn't work... well... I've forgotten about! <G>

You're only as old as you feel... some days I don't want to talk about it! But alas we digress... this is a CAT FORUM!!

So let's talk cats, and not age!

Mike W
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hehe, sorry no more "older comments". However, I have to say that anything over 26 to me is "older". I should have just kept that gender related. All that matters is that we all love our cats!!
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I have gone to several of the websites for catteries, and I just DROOL whan I see the kittens... they're ALL just precious. I wish we could have hundreds of them!!

But my "LilBit" is like my "Best Friend"... she goes everywhere with me in my pickup... cutting wood, errands, trips to Seattle, WA from Omaha, NE every year to visit with my mother. Usually sleeping in my lap under the steering wheel. We have a small litter box in the back seat on the floor, along with a container of water. They're all 4 basically indoor cats, but three of the four walk on leashes and spend time outdoors every day while we're in the camper. It's quite a site when we walk them through the campground. People come out of their motorhomes/campers in disbelief!!! Plus the fact that they're all gorgeous doesn't hurt either!

Mike W
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I think it is so cool to see that some men love their cats as much as women....usually, like you said...men aren't so fond of cats...which is sad, as cats are wonderful companions!!! Glad you have joined us!!!
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