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Heart worm in cats???

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Well I'm still waiting to hear if Levi has heart worm or not. I'm hoping the vet just did this to be sure & that it's not that he has a high chance of having heart worm. I asked this before in a differnt thread, but does anyone know anything about heart worm in cats? From what I have found on the internet it seems the odds are against my baby if he has it. Any info would be great.
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heartworm is not in cats as much as dogs, but they can get it, places like Fla. and mississippi and Alabama ect. warm places are more high risk areas, you are in WI. you might get lucky and he wont have it, but you can give them the heartworm med. to prevent it, ask your vet about it, i give it to my boys and they stay inside, but we put the windows up when its not real hot in the summer, and i dont want to take a chance, the med. is not that expenise. i hope your baby is okay. the info i just told you came from my vet.
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Well as far as I know any mosquitoes can give your babies heartworms . And thats why I want to switch from Frontlne Plus to Revolution , it supose to protect against heartworms . I had a cat die from heartworms a few years back and even did not had him 8 month , the breeder had him in a garage with a kind of chain door there and all the little gritters could fly in there . So thats where I think he got it from and I did not had my cat enclosure then . I do hope your cat is not having heartworms . I will say a prayer for him
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Thanks. Just a quick note incase you didn't see my other thread. Levi is 6 months (maybe 7) old & he had his first check up yesterday. The vet heard a heart murmur & wants to rule out the possiblity of heart worm because the story we got at the shelter was that he was "found on the street". This lady brought him in a big rubbermaid container with the lid sealed with no air holes. I'm truly hopeing that it's the kind of murmurs kittens sometimes have that seem to get better as the grow. I really appreciate your prayers. My plan was to have both my boys neutered next week & this is making me nervous about the idea of him being under anestetic. Jordan was fine other than a tape worm (very gross I have to say). Just keep him in your prayers tonight & I'll find out tomorrow for sure. THANKS again.
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No , sorry I have not seen the other thread and will look later . Calipso my Cornish rex also has a heart murmur . I was waiting for a long time to get her spayed , she was already six years old at the time and was a breeder retiree girl . I was just so afraid I would loose her . But she did fine and today she is 10 years old . A little slower now with the big heart murmur she got .
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I was told that my female cat Cham had a heart murmur when she was younger and I just got her spayed a couple months ago, she has never had kittens and she is over 4 years old and I waited to get her spayed because I was afraid to get it done, and when I took her in the new vet told me she didnt have a heart murmur. She did fine, they did blood work and were going to do an EKG if necessary before they spayed her but didnt have to. I dont know if she grew out of it or what. Hope your little guy is ok. I know how you feel about being worried about them, I was really worried about Cham and all the others when I had them neutered or spayed.
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I don't have any personal experience with heartworm, but here is a link to some information:


Let us know how Levi makes out at the vet.
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Well I've got good news on the heart worm front. He dose not have a heart worm. I'm excited about that, but now I have to make the decision on weather I want to have his heart looked at before I have them neutered. Thanks so much for all the support.
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