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Just some cat pictures

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Biddy White Whiskers


Well that is the 1st four of my 14 cats.
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Halfway done
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What a great family -- seen half (in alphabetical order ). How did you find yourself with 14 Cats ?!
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Only 3 more to go.....I'm getting tired.
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Keep em coming! OK, I'm partial to Amber and Jasper (love the long haired reds and blacks), but Kim looks like a little angel! They are all beautiful furbabies!
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That's all folks.....unless I start on the foster cats.
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Show us your fosters!! LOL
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How did you find yourself with 14 Cats
WELL??!!??? What can I say? In April of 2002 I had 9 cats, one passed away and look at me now. SOMETHING must have happened??????
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They are all very beautifull cats . Thanks for sharing with us .

Yea , show us your fosters , you know we love pics
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This is Chevy (I call him Mickey) I have had him since he was a 5 week old feral. He is now 5 months old. Want him?

This is Timmy, also 5 months old. He is long, tall and skinny. He LOVES to talk. Any takers?

This is Sweet Annie. Also 5 months old. She is very shy about being handled. She will need a very patient home with understanding people. She won't be your lap cat but she's a fine pet and deserving of your love.
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I love Chevy! I want him! But I'm too far away

All your kitties are very cute!
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What beautiful kitties! And your fosters are adorable, crossing fingers that they'll have a furrever home soon. Meanwhile, what's better than camping out at your house?
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What a great bunch of kitties at your house!
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All your cats are beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.
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Awwww... All of your cats are adorable!

I want Timmy! But unfortunatly three is enough for us and I don't know how my three girls would react go such a hansome fella
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I can never get tired of the Kim begging pics!

I also love Rutherford & who could forget post enough pics of Chevy!!!! Nakita & Chevy would make quite the pair Jen. What do you think?
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OOH, you are so lucky to have 9 beautiful cats, and what cute and adorable foster kittens you have! hheheh, I really like Timmy and Annie...she's a cutie, with a great name!
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OMG Chevy is sooooo beautiful and the other 2 are so pretty .
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i like mickey and kim.. they are so adorable...
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I have to agree Chevy is beautiful. They are all precious, though. I would LOVE to have Chevy, but I too am too far away.
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Thanks everyone. Personally Chevy IS mine until he ACTUALLY gets adopted. I am especially in love with him, so he may one day be considered #15.
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Oh My faves are Kim,Rutherford and OMG Annie! She's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing! All 17 are brilliant!
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They are all DIVINE - very taken by Rutherford , wish i could take Timmy with the black eyeliner but I am VERY far away! What a cat star you are!
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I'd also love to have Chevy if I only
lived closer.

They are all Very beautiful!!
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You have such beautiful kitties and I must say, Chevie and Annie are soooo adorable. Scary thing is I'm only a few states away!!

But I also have a foster that needs to find a special home. He had lived at a shelter since he was 6 months old and I began fostering him at 3 years old. He's been with me now for almost 9 months. It's taken that long for him to come around to realizing that people are a good thing. And he's begun to sleep in bed with me and jump on the chair I'm sitting in for a good head scritching.

So if anybody is looking for a buff/white boy almost 4 yrs old that gets along with cats and dogs and has perfect house manners, let me know. (I know, a shameless plug - but I'll do anything to find him a furever home) Here's a pic of Ike:
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Fuzzmom your foster is so beautiful . Can you not just keep him ? If he get to a different place now , he may will be grieving and will be disapointed .
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PurrfectCatlove believe me I have been going back and forth with this thought for a couple of months now. I have 2 of my own and enjoy fostering, but if I keep all those that I foster I'd have to stop fostering. More than that though, I just feel that this isn't the perfect home for him because my other 2 pretty much just tolerate him (I think it's a personality issue). I feel that there is a home out there where he'll fit in perfectly.

I think a perfect home for him would be somebody that is either part time or work from home, or a retired person/couple that could spend alot of time with him. He does enjoy being around other cats, but does NOT like to be pounced on (which my boys enjoy doing...ALOT). Perhaps with a very layed back boy or girl (or perhaps a senior?) kittie that enjoys a good game of chase. Also, he's fine around cat-friendly dogs.

At this point there is no bonding between him and the other cats and he is still learning to trust people. I know that if he went directly from my home into another home, he most likely wouldn't take as long to come around as he did here.

Sorry for rambling. Here's one more of him.
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Fuzzmom I hope I did not absad you in any way , if I did I am very sorry . I was just feeling for that beautiful boy . But you know what is best for him and know what he needs in life . Again I am sorry if I got across the wrong way with my writing . I did not mean no harm .
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PurrfectCatlove - not at all!!! I never took what you said the wrong way. I know everyone here has only what is best for all the kitties in mind and I appreciate your caring about what is best for him. Thank you for that!

For now all I can do is go by my gut instinct with this one. Who knows? Maybe in another month by gut instinct will tell me he is home!

Thanks for caring!
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thanks Fuzzmom
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